Spring Refresh: Bringing New Life to Your Space

Flower buds are on the cusps of breaking and the birdies are singing—spring is springing! Soon a light scent of lilac and sweet cherry blossom will wake us from the heaviness of winter hibernation. Nature is renewing and you can too. Refresh your living space and feel the energy of spring surround you.

Here are some spring style secrets to get you started:
Spring Swap – Pillows and Throws
Change out pillows and throws for an instant style swap. Trade fur, velvet, and other heavy winter textiles for fresh spring fabrics and light natural textures. Integrate pastels, floral and foliage patterns, watercolor prints, woven linen, and jute for immediate spring feels.

Restyle Book Shelves and Surfaces
Super clean, it’s a spring thing! Start your spring cleaning by decluttering bookshelves, furniture surfaces, and table tops. Get rid of extra weight in the room and then subtly sprinkle in pastel vases, light woven baskets, spring decor, and other fresh details.
Spruce Up with Potted Plants
Literally bring the freshness of spring indoors by adding layers of potted plants to your space. Consider mixed pots, living wall features, and hanging planters. From native ferns to tropical succulents, home decor can’t get fresher than live plants. Plus indoor gardening can be quite fun!
Rearrange and Refresh
Lost your luster for a certain space? Maybe things are feeling sort of stale? It’s amazing how refreshing rearranging furniture and furnishings can be. Simply moving existing things around can bring new life to a room and save money too.

Fresh Paint = Fresh Feels
When it comes to getting the most “bang for your buck” in interior design, paint is a front runner. Spring is a perfect time to refresh paint and maybe even try something new. Out with those Knicks and smudges and in with fresh and clean! Buttercream yellows, soft greens, and muted blues all make great spring paint accents and are easily supported by a neutral palette.

From a spring refresh to a full-scale remodel—Everything Home can help! Contact us to learn more about our unique award-winning custom interior design services.

Should I Remodel or Should I Move?

Whether you’re starting a family or emptying the nest, budding a career or planning for retirement, housing needs tend to shift with lifestyle changes. There are many life factors that can leave you wondering — Should I Remodel or Should I Move? Below are some tips to help you decide what is best.
Make a Plan
Start the “remodel vs. move” decision process by examining your housing goals for the next 5-10 years. You may be eager for instant change, but sometimes it makes the most sense to wait a couple years before making a big transition. Good timing helps to avoid multiple moves and wasted money on improvements that unfortunately lack adequate return on investment.

Do Your Research
Keep an eye on the housing market in your area. Researching the market by examining current listings, attending open houses, and watching what type of homes sell fast and for the most money will give you an idea of your home’s potential. From there you can make educated decisions on what remodel projects make the most sense and if moving is maybe more ideal. Kitchens, master bedrooms, and bathrooms continue to top the list for most-desirable home updates. Budget wisely and be mindful of the pitfalls of over-improving for your neighborhood.

Reasons to Remodel
If you love your neighborhood and real estate is limited, remodeling is a great way to achieve your design goals without sacrificing your surroundings. Remodeling provides opportunities to develop a design plan that meets your specific expectations. Some cons could include limitations to remodeling under certain zoning, lengthy timelines, and living in a construction zone with contractors coming and going.

Moving On
If you are looking for a change of scenery and have your eye on a particular neighborhood with readily available real estate, then moving could be the perfect fix. Finding a turn-key home is a particularly attractive option, saving a lot of added construction stress. Moving expenses can add up and you may not get your exact design wishes, but if you are able to avoid extensive construction and reside in your dream neighborhood it’s definitely a win.

The decision to remodel or move is personal but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Everything Home can help you to see the potential for remodeling spaces or moving places. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning specialized design services.
Happy Home. Happy Life

Everything Home’s Favorite Things

Another fun year at Everything Home — so many exciting projects, so many wonderful clients! We wanted to celebrate by sharing a gallery of our very favorite style pieces. We asked our designers to reflect on their most loved designs and submit their top decor picks of 2018.
You may notice a few themes as you scroll through the gallery.
Furniture pieces offering ample storage were a sure favorite, with cubbies and unique shelving systems supplying a combination of opened and closed storage all in one piece.
Transitional to mid-century inspired accent chairs, with wood details at the arm and chair base, also made our cherish list.
We can’t help but adore projects with large whimsy nature-influenced wallcovering graphics.
Enthusiastic is an understatement when it comes to today’s selection of patterned concrete and ceramic tiles available for wall and floor applications. So many sizes, shapes, and palatable colors to choose from, sure to spotlight individual style.
Marble and crystal made many stunning appearances as hardware embellishments on cabinetry, as well as subtle accents on table lamps, chandeliers, and sconces.
Like what you see? As an added perk, working with an interior designer benefits you in purchasing goods at below retail prices. Contact us today to book your first working consultation session!
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Everything Home’s Six Style Aesthetics

Aesthetics is the study of what our brain finds to be beautiful and desirable as opposed to unattractive and undesirable. The space that surrounds us evokes our senses in many ways. We are often drawn to a particular aesthetic because of the way it makes us feel. You may not even know why you are attracted to a certain style, other than you just are — thus the science of aesthetics.
Through a presentation of mood boards Everything Home designers jump start the design process by first determining what styles a client finds aesthetically-pleasing. Clients usually identify with one or more of the following six aesthetics.
White on White
A crisp and bright environment built with a monochromatic white on white color palette resonates with many of our clients. Think white opulence, cloudy, white-washed, luxurious, and spa-like. Incorporate the white on white aesthetic with white cabinetry complimented by white marble countertops. Varied tones of white paint on walls and molding are also impactful.

For those who prefer a moodier aesthetic, noir may be more appropriate. Noir includes black on white designs which are rich, deep, and oily in look. Sleek like a tuxedo or timeless like a vintage noir photo this design aesthetic is appealing to many.

Smokey Sultry
If you’re attracted to deep earthy tones like forest green, cranberry red, plum purple, and sapphire blue than smokey sultry might be your pick. Velvet, leather, brass, copper, and textured metallics all symbolize this aesthetic.

Pale Neutrals
Maybe pastels and blush neutrals are more your style. Like a farm-fresh carton of eggs — pale blues, greens, tans, and natural whites are mingled to create this design aesthetic. Pale pastel and blush neutral palettes are considered quiet and warm.

Playful oversized florals, geometrics, plaids, and prints exemplify the pattern aesthetic. Both subtle and bold print are sometimes used together. Wallpapers and printed textiles fit this aesthetic perfectly.

If you are attracted to colorful spaces, the color aesthetic might be for you. High color-block, gradient ombre, and jumbled contrasting or complimentary colors are demonstrated in this aesthetic. Once design aesthetics are established Everything Homes designers present custom concept boards to show how selected aesthetics can be used in your specific space. Moving forward final selections are determined according to your aesthetic style preferences.

Designing spaces that reflect personal style is our specialty. Contact us today to schedule an initial consult!
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Hygge Home: Celebrating a Cozy Winter

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word with many meanings — all of which are cozy, warm, and delightful. Some think of Hygge as an art, others regard it as more of a feeling. Hygge is the perfect balance of design and emotion, maximizing comfort and charm throughout the home.
Dane’s created the concept of Hygge as a strategy to survive the dullness of long, cold dark days. They set out to find happiness by celebrating life’s simple pleasures through use of natural colors, textures, and light. Thoughtfulness and togetherness are also backbones of the Hygge lifestyle.

Home design concepts of Happy-Hearted Hygge:
Nature’s Palette
Color your home Hygge with cozy palettes of earthy pastels and natural neutrals. For inspiration think outside — stormy greys, sandy beige, subtle sky blues, misty forest greens, ombre sunsets, and moody jewel tones.
Cozy Comforts
Decorating with natural fibers like wool, cotton, and fur can make your home feel like a big open-arm hug. Think soft and fluffy when picking out decor, incorporating plenty of throws and pillows. Use every opportunity to create comfy nooks for reading, relaxing, and reflecting.

Photo Credit: Wesley Hall
Light Up the Night
The darkness of winter can sadly squash one’s spirit; Lighten your mood with light. Decorate with candles in every room, providing impromptu occasions for candle-lit calmness. Make the fireplace the focal-point of entertainment spaces, creating the perfect atmosphere for friendly gatherings. String wired twinkle lights for a welcoming glow in dark rooms.
Woodland Appeal
A woodland hike is a happy place for many, so mimicking those wonderful feelings indoors is a naturally good idea. Floral, greenery, wood, and stone are all elements of Hygge design. Creating an organic space filled with fresh flowers, potted houseplants, wood tones, and rock elements is definitely a do.

Hygge Happiness
Hygge is about more than design and decor. To truly live Hygge host gatherings with friends and family in your home. Fill your rooms with more than furry rugs and wooly throws. Occupy the long days of winter cooking, eating, relaxing and enjoying the good in life with your favorite people. For added Hygge, sip warm winter tea in your favorite wooly socks because Hygge is all about the feels.
Contact Everything Home to learn more about our Hygge interior design ideas. Happy Home, Happy Life.

Considerations When Placing Furniture

From small end tables to large sectionals, each furniture piece supports the next in creating impressive interiors. Smart furniture selection starts with a design plan that considers function, flow, balance, zoning, and vignettes.