2020 Kitchen and Bath Trade Show Style Recap

2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North America’s premier place to see the hottest kitchen and bath trends live and in-person, an opportunity we couldn’t pass up! At the show, we had a chance to chat with 600 exhibitors from leading brands while networking with some 31,000 industry professionals in attendance. Participating in trade shows like KBIS are no doubt fun, but also extremely important in fulfilling our quest to bring clients the most current home innovation and design styles.

It was clear at this year’s show that there is no shortage of options from current vendors. Customization is important to designers and consumers alike. We’re excited to see that many of our favorite products are now offered in a variety of styles and finishes to support any type of consumer. Best of all, timeless mix-and-match design continues to shine.

Top trends from the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

Custom Color

Color was definitely trending! We were blown away by the number of custom color options being offered—from basic custom hardware finishes to custom color farmhouse sink fronts. Appliances, bathtubs, and countertops all have the ability to be color-matched too.


White Shaker cabinets continue to top the list as a consumer favorite—with 85% of homeowners preferring its classic style. However, some new colors are emerging including dark paint finishes like black, charcoal, blue and green. Color cabinets are expanding from simple accents to entire kitchen installations. Shaker and flat panel doors remain the most popular. Wood finishes for range hoods, wine racks, and floating shelves are making a statement in the kitchen too.


Quartz countertops are still in demand, especially white and gray tones. Veining patterns are becoming more consistent with marble and looked less engineered moving into the future. Dark countertops are starting to make a statement too.


It seems there is an endless amount of tile choices these days, and we’re loving it! Raised texture tiles with 3D projections are a standout choice. From simple wave designs to complex geometrics, textured tiles make a unique statement on wall installations. Irregular shape tiles and wood grain tiles are also very on-trend.


Mixed metallics and matte finishes are designer favorites. Matte black is a popular choice and matte white is a new launch catching speed. Smokey gray-metallic graphite finishes and brushed gold and silver finishes are top picks as well. One thing is for sure, mixing finishes is proving forever fashionable.

Smart Home

Smart homes have never been smarter as tech manufacturers are starting to integrate voice activation while syncing brands all under one app! We loved Delta Faucet’s VoiceIQ™ technology which allows you to speak to your faucet and tell it the exact amount of water you’d like it to dispense. Techy living is becoming more practical and accessible to all.

We’re excited to bring you the best in both fashion and function at home. Contact us to learn how a style refresh, home renovation, or new build can lead to dream living.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

Did you attend the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show? Which trends caught your attention? Share in the comments below. 

The Essentials for a Spa-Like Bathroom

The Essentials for a Spa-Like Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most necessary room in your home, but why not make them feel luxurious! Set the tone for both a good day and a good night’s sleep with a spa-like bath experience. Simple bathroom design details can go a long way in creating feelings of peace and tranquility if implemented with intention.

The basics of designing spa-like bathroom retreats:

Declutter and Display

Clutter causes confusion and anxiousness, not something anyone needs in their daily routine. Remove items from bathroom countertops that are not used often, tucking them away under sinks and in linen closets. Expand storage opportunities by installing hanging wall baskets and shelves for holding extra goods if necessary. Countertops are prime real estate in the bathroom, reserve that space for things you need quick access to throughout your day. Display these necessities in clear jars, baskets, and on vanity trays for ease and aesthetics. Soaps, lotions, cotton swabs, and cotton balls all usually make the grab-and-go countertop list.

The Essentials for a Spa-Like Bathroom

Natural Touches

One of the most inspirational design features in a room is wall color. For a relaxing feel, choose calming nature-derived colors. Neutral whites, beiges, grays, and cool blues and greens are proven to be soothing color selections. Avoid bright, startling, hues and bold distracting wallcoverings. Add plants and floral touches into bathroom design to create a holistic natural-feeling environment.

The Essentials for a Spa-Like Bathroom

The Essentials for a Spa-Like Bathroom

Soft Goods and Sundries

Spa-like bathrooms are more than a look, they’re a feel. Freshen up your linen closet with luxe towels, slippers, and robes. Lay a fluffy bath mat down for added splendor. Keep scented soaps, lotions, candles, oils, and other sundries on-hand for a full aromatherapy experience.

Five-Star Upgrades

As a nice alternative to soaking tubs, pamper yourself by installing a high-pressure rain, and/or handheld shower head. Additionally, consider adding electric warmers so you can enjoy toasty towels while drying off, especially during the cold winter months. Radiant-heat flooring also adds warmth and coziness while barefoot in the bathroom.

Everything Home can help you design a bathroom that looks and feels like your favorite spa. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of design services.

Happy Home, Happy Life.

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