Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

How to choose the right exterior paint colors for your home.

The outside of your home is a big canvas, which means choosing the perfect paint color is a big decision! Scrolling online galleries and strolling neighborhood streets can help narrow down your favs, but zeroing in on that perfect palette requires some careful consideration.

Red, green, pink, or blue, here are a few tips to guide you towards that perfect hue:

Plan Around Fixed Elements

When it comes to impactful exterior updates, changing paint color often tops the list. Be mindful of existing exterior elements like masonry, windows, and lighting when choosing a color. Fixed features often help dictate a warm or cool palette. Aim to land on a color choice that ties everything on the exterior together.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors | Tips for Picking the Perfect Palette

Consider Architectural Style

Your paint palette should feel appropriate to your home style and era. Many paint manufacturers offer collections to support unique home architecture. For instance, recommendations for mid-century modern homes may include retro oranges, yellows, and greens while farmhouse design frequently utilizes a mostly monochromatic white and black color scheme.

Consider Multiple Colors

Keep things visually interesting by using a combination of colors on the exterior. Start by selecting a color for the main house body, usually the sided part of the house. Next, dedicate a complementary trim color. Finally, choose one or two accent colors to support house material change, like the front door and shutters. Stain can also be used to spotlight natural architectural elements.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors | Tips for Picking the Perfect Palette

Take a Step Back

It is always a good idea to get a curbside view. Color intensity is something to consider when choosing paints. Look around the neighborhood, both at other homes and natural landscapes. Your surroundings can provide valuable guidance. If your home is nestled in the darkness of a shady foliage canopy you may opt for a bright light exterior color to stand out. While a home basking in the glow of sunshine could become washed out if painted too light.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors | Tips for Picking the Perfect Palette

Try Color On

Exterior paint can be a bit of a chameleon from sun up to sun down. With lighting changes throughout the day, and weather fluctuating sometimes by the hour, trying on color is always a good idea. Purchase sample colors and paint a small area to evaluate before changing the entire facade of your home. Alternatively, paint a large piece of cardboard or tarp to see color on a larger scale. Take your time, patience will yield a confident color choice.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Exteriors have a large footprint, and you want to be certain before making a big change. With experience designing luxury model homes and award-winning Home-a-Rama exteriors, Everything Home designers know a good color when we see it! Contact us to learn how we can help with choosing exterior paint colors that will look beautiful on your home. 

Happy Home, Happy Life.

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