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Designing a Home Office That Works

8 plus hours a day, 40 or more hours a week, over 2,000 hours a year! That’s a long time to sit in a dull, uninspiring work space trying to tackle important goals. You deserve better — an office space that ignites passion for your work and propels your performance.

We’re sharing pro design tips for designing a home office that works…

A well-read home officeProductive Location

Location is the foundation of a highly productive office space. First floor, second floor, basement, loft, shared room — finding the perfect location takes some soul-searching. Think about what environment will help you to bring your best. Find a location that satisfies your preferences.

Consider your wants and wishes before you stake claim and declare an office location. Is a location near an exterior door important for welcoming outside guests? Do you like to be near the action or would you prefer the solitude of a quiet, remote lower level space? Are you energized by natural light pouring in through big windows or is artificial light okay? Do you need a physical barrier like a wall or door to focus, or is a multi-use space suitable for you?

Classic Components

Anchor components such as an area rug to soften sound, a flat-surface desk, a comfortable desk chair, shelving and concealed storage are usually considered necessities when designing a typical office space.

The perfect home office for meetingsThere are various desk options to explore from traditional sitting to elevated standing desks. Appropriate desk size usually depends on space available and intended use. Multi and large monitor set-ups will require more space than a laptop of course. You may also need extra chairs if you accommodate visiting clients.

Tech Considerations

Connectivity is critical in the home office. Wi-fi coverage is a must! Plan ample electrical outlets to accommodate printers, monitors, and chargers. Depending on your design, floor outlets may be necessary to avoid unsightly exposed floor cords which can create tripping hazards. Make sure a secured network is available if you’ll do any confidential work in your home office.

Be Inspired

Home offices are very personalized spaces. They provide the perfect opportunity to include elements that inspire your brightest work. The color palette alone can set a strong tone for your day—from relaxed to energizing.

Set the mood for success by displaying mantras, awards, and accomplishments. Surround yourself in things that make you smile like curated collections and treasured memorabilia. When in doubt, art and live plants are proven feel-good furnishings for the home office.

Flexible Spaces

Lofts, mud rooms, and guest bedrooms all have something in common — they are a perfect place for a “pocket office”. Dual-function is more fashionable than ever in interior design because people are increasingly interested in becoming super stewards of their floor plan.

Fold-up Murphy beds and convertible furniture have come a long way allowing guest bedrooms to quickly flip into flexible office spaces. Large mud rooms are often the hub of the home, located near garage entrances and kitchens, easily accommodating mail baskets, phone charges, and wall calendars. Hard-working adaptable spaces like these make for some unique home offices.

Is it time to step up your office style? Enhance your daily grind and enjoy it too in a refreshing new home office space — professionally designed just for you! Contact us to discuss your office project and all of the dreamy details.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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  1. I really liked your suggestion of displaying accomplishments and awards in a home office setup. My sister is one of the hardest working people I know, and even if she’s been allowed to work from home, that won’t stop her from being the best in her company. With how many awards she’s gotten, it would definitely help boost her esteem if we set up her home office displaying them. I’ll be sure to remember that when we buy home office equipment she can use at her house.

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