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Designing Your Home Theater

With the seasons changing and days getting shorter, there’s no better place to hibernate this winter than your very own home theater! What does it take to create the perfect space for kicking back to watch your favorite flick at home? You’ll definitely need a big screen, high-quality projector, and smooth surround sound. Low lighting to set the mood and some comfy seats are staple features too. And don’t forget to add a snack bar (with a popcorn machine of course!) for good measure. Movie rooms can bring family and friends together and provide endless entertainment but they are a splurge—so we’re here to help you make every dollar count with smart design.

Home theater design
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

5-star home theater design elements:

Dedicated Space

We’re all about flexible design and multi-use rooms, but theater rooms call for their own dedicated space. Finished basements are often ideal because they typically lack large windows and have expansive wall space. Ground and upper-level rooms work well too, but you may have more windows and doors to contend with. Another key component is electric. Make sure the space you choose has plenty of opportunity for outlets to power motorized screens, projectors, audio, and so forth. High ceilings are another plus, providing additional space for larger screens.

Light Control

Normally natural light is a designer’s best friend, but not in a theater room. Nothing dampens a movie mood like glare! Rooms without windows are best, but if that’s not possible blackout shades and draperies will be your best friend. Dimmable ceiling lights and wall sconces are a great addition for flexible lighting when needed. 

Screens, Surround Sound, and Projectors

The heart of a theater room is the technical hardware to present the movie.  Selecting quality screens, audio, and projectors should be a priority. Stationary and remote-retractable wall screens are both an option depending on your preference. It’s best to plan for a ceiling mount projector too. You will also want to consult with an electrician when designing the theater space to accommodate surround sound audio hook-up, and a carpenter for built-in solutions to conceal hardware.

Home theater design
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Seat Deets

Comfy seating is a must! Consider the physical layout of the room since comfy furniture choices ultimately must be appropriate to space dimensions. Consider your movie viewing audience when exploring options. Sectionals can support family-style theater rooms, while individual theater-style seating may be a better option for friend gatherings. You might choose to mix the two for the best of both worlds. Ottomans and recliners are personal preferences too, so take your time looking (and sitting) around before you commit to a furnishing plan. And don’t forget to add a basket of cuddly throws to your design for ultimate coziness!

Paint and Decor

Home theaters have their own unique vibe, and are very fun to decorate! Wall color is probably the most important decor element. We recommend a dark cozy color for a full theater effect. This can be a traditional black wall paint or something more interesting like a deep moody emerald, navy, plum, or teal. Bold wallpapers are another fun option. We recommend accenting the space with art inspired by your favorite films, or even crave-worthy cinema snacks. 

Snack Bar

What’s a movie night without snacks? So many choices, with our favorite being buttery, salty popcorn! Build a handy snack bar into your design—complete with a beverage cooler, beer taps, a mini-fridge for your favorite grab-n-go foods, candy machines, and a popcorn popper of course! With all this sticky goodness, you might want to add in a small sink for hand washing and light dishwashing. And don’t forget storage for all your party ware.

Basement bar
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

So much fun to be had hosting family and friends in your very own home theater. Contact us to start planning your perfect movie-watching oasis for some very cuddly weekends ahead, at home!

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