Does Your Home’s Architectural Style Have to Dictate Your Design Style?

Victorian-era builds are intriguing with their regal turrets, elaborate trim, and doll house colors, but Queen Anne couches and intricate tapestries to match aren’t for everyone. Your home’s distinctive architecture may influence decor decisions, but it doesn’t have to be the sole inspiration. Your design style should ultimately promote your personal style. Select decor that is expressive of you and the way you like to live, not necessarily reflective of the structure itself.

Your Style = Your Story

Visiting someone’s home is a very personal experience. There is no better way to connect with an inpidual than to see their idea of home sweet home—what comforts them, how they like to relax, their favorite colors, what art speaks to them, and the list goes on. Guests enjoy getting to know you through what they feel when spending time in your home. You’ll feel more at ease in a space that speaks to your unique taste and lifestyle. Make design selections that ultimately make a statement about you.

Old Meets New

Don’t be afraid to shed new light on an old dwelling utilizing modern design. Subtly incorporating a home’s history with period-specific furnishings is a nice touch, but avoid overly-coordinated era specific style that makes your house feel like a museum. Avoid turning your home into a time capsule, do the unexpected! Formal dining rooms and lavish living rooms are not for every family, and that’s okay. Regardless what a room was originally intended for, design spaces to suit your current needs. Live in the now, there are no design rules saying what was must always be.

Limitless Design

Maybe you identify with a specific style type—farmhouse, craftsman, industrial, mid-century modern, shabby chic, or cottage. Perhaps you haven’t quite figured it out yet, that’s fine too. Blended style creates an eclectic layered look, yielding timeless appeal. The best design doesn’t always fit a category or have a title, it’s simply a space that speaks to you.

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