Selecting Outdoor Furniture Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Selection 101: Selecting The Right Outdoor Furniture for your Space

With more sunshine in the forecast, it’s officially porch and patio season! This means it’s also outdoor space styling season. The outdoor living product market is hot, there have never been so many stunning furniture options to pick from.

With abundant selections available, it can be a little overwhelming to navigate. Start smart by choosing furniture pieces that are timeless, beautiful, and especially durable. The wear and tear that outdoor furniture receives from humidity, rain, wind, and sun can be intense. Luckily, there are some great tried and true high-performance materials available to weather the elements. 

Selecting The Right Outdoor Furniture for your Space:

Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Sunny Patios

Exposed patios are great places for soaking up the sun, but UV light can degrade outdoor furniture. Coupled with direct rainfall and sometimes lots of wind too—open-air patios receive the most extreme weather requiring the most durable furnishings. Consider sun and moisture durable tech textiles, with labels that emphasize anti-fade and anti-mildew properties. Rugs made of recycled plastic materials are more durable than natural fibers and rust-free aluminum or resin furniture frames provide the best product longevity. Teak is also a nice natural option, but does require additional care and maintenance.

To cut down on exposure, consider adding overhead sun shades and sails. Incorporating anchored umbrellas, off to the side, is also on-trend whether you are shading a dining table or lounge area. These long-arm umbrellas create shade without blocking views like traditional center pole-mounted umbrellas.

Selecting Outdoor FurnitureSelecting Outdoor Furniture

Pool Decks

Full of sunshine and splashing water, furnishing a pool deck takes a little extra planning. Similar to designing sunny patios, make selections that can handle intense sun exposure. Additionally, consider fast draining and drying outdoor specific cushion options or woven, mesh and sling furniture since there will inevitably be a lot of wet bottoms using the furniture. Steer clear of dark colors, which absorb and hold heat. Chlorine water is not particularly harsh on furnishings, but salt tends to be corrosive. If designing around a saltwater pool, teak, resin, and rust-proof aluminum furniture frames are recommended.

Shaded Patios

Tree, tarp, and pergola shaded patios offer relief from intense sun rays and heavy rain, but can support moss, mold and mildew growth if they remain damp for extended periods of time. It is especially important to look for mildew-resistant tech fabrics when furnishing shady spaces. Rugs made of recycled plastic products are power-washer friendly, quick-drying and most appropriate for moist locations. 

Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Covered Porches

Porches under roof offer the best of both worlds, an opportunity to include many comforts of indoor living while still enjoying the sounds and feels of nature. When designing porches under cover there is a lot more opportunity to extend plush comforts of indoor living to the outdoors. You will still want to use furnishings rated for the outdoor elements, but moisture and sun are less of an issue resulting in a longer product lifespan. Covered porches also better support adding natural fibers, like sisal and jute rugs or decor. Glass features like tabletops and lanterns are also better suited for covered locations. 

Selecting Outdoor Furniture

Selecting Outdoor Furniture

With posts in place to support cover, adding motorized shades is another option for added protection from weather and bugs on covered porches. Electric for motorized shades can often be retrofitted into existing ceiling plugs.

Covered Screened Porches

Screens add another layer of protection to outdoor living, repelling dirt and debris to provide the ultimate outdoor decorating opportunity. In addition to furniture, covered screened porches provide the best environment for displaying outdoor art, lamps, and less-durable decor. Outdoor-rated rug pads, which are made specifically to breathe, are another great option for added comfort underfoot in protected lounge and dining areas. 

Selecting Outdoor Furniture

With years of experience furnishing outdoor spaces, we can help you to pick out the best quality and highest functioning pieces for your patio or porch. Ready to level up your outdoor living? We would love to be part of your project, contact us to learn more about our porch and patio design services. Best of all, in working with our team you’ll gain direct access to our favorite vendors and products too!

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