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5 Inspiring Principles of Japandi Design

What happens when you combine Japanese + Scandinavian design? Meet Japandi! 

Japandi is a trending design style that blends the functionality of Scandinavian design with the mindfulness of Japanese design — all with a common theme of modern minimalism. This hybrid aesthetic is often expressed through a harmonious use of clean lines, bright light, tranquil colors, sustainable furnishings, and plenty of natural touches. 

Japandi design yields max “hygge-zen” vibes fostering a cherished design purpose — that the core of one’s well-being is shaped by the environment that they live in. 

If your vision board is overflowing with Scandinavian and Japanese influenced interiors, then this dynamic design duo is definitely something to explore.

Clutter-Free and Practical

While it can be a painful process at the start, the end result is always very positive — decluttering provides a clean slate for fresh opportunity. Japandi design embraces the notion that “less is more” and that empty spaces in a room are indeed filled with purpose. Blank space allows the eye to relax, while bringing more attention to planned pieces in the periphery. Japandi incorporates the Scandinavian design theory that each piece of the design should support a practical function-driven space. Sleek smart storage, from built-ins to baskets, are essential in achieving this effect.

Skilled Sustainable Furnishings

Longevity is a guiding virtue in Japandi design — and quality counts! Scandinavian and Japanese design both value traditional craftsmanship and high-skill craft pieces that are built with integrity. Merge that with Japandi’s sustainable mindset by investing in artisan-quality furnishings made from sustainable materials. Bamboo and reclaimed woods are popularly used for both durability and environmental friendliness. 

Light, Bright and a Touch of Bold

Light, a beacon of peaceful feelings, is prominent in both Scandinavian and Japanese design. You will notice the serenity of both natural light and light color palettes are intrinsic to Japandi design. Think big floor to ceiling windows, welcoming sun therapy dawn til dusk, and Scandinavian design inspired neutral paint palettes with lots of light reflecting white. Finish the space off with accents of carefully placed Japanese design influenced bold color pops, for instant Japandi atmosphere. 

Natural Accents and Textures

The outdoors is a common theme too — from lush live plants in simple concrete planters to wooly fibers, woven textiles and lots and lots of natural wood look. Pair landscape and floral inspired Japanese design with a theme of rustic minimalist Scandinavian design for hints of Japandi style. Organic textures are a key design element in Japandi’s aim to unify qualities of outdoor and indoor living. Light hues of grasscloth wall coverings paired with unfinished birch and bamboo crafted furnishings all come to mind. 

Clean Lines and Calming Vibes

Simplicity is innately calming, so it makes sense that clean lines are paramount in providing a calming space. Japandi technique fuses simple informal design lines with cozy hygge-like (the quality of being present, comfortable and charmed by simple pleasure) feels to create eclectic spaces that reflect a balance of uniquely minimalist Japanese and Scandinavian cultures. 

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Photography by Sarah Shields.

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