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6 Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

You know that feeling of defeat, elbow deep in the utensil drawer, looking for that lost ladle? Or the fuming aggravation when you’re 15 minutes in, rummaging through every cabinet, and you still can’t locate that tiny Tupperware lid? Well-planned kitchen storage can help you avoid these very valid frustrations!

An efficient kitchen starts with smart storage. Having a designated place for everything is essential but sometimes hard to do if you have a lot of unnecessary items to find space for. Start by purging all those extras and gadgets you haven’t touched in years to refine your storage needs, then begin thinking about the best storage options for your remaining must-have items.

We’re sharing our fav kitchen storage solutions to get you started:

  1. Cabinet Inserts

Kitchen cabinets continue to evolve, with seemingly unlimited storage options available. Pull-out drawers with full separator inserts to section off and organize items like cutlery, cooking utensils, and linens remains a favorite splurge. Peg-like inserts can also be integrated into drawers to keep pots, pans, and dishware organized and in place when opening drawers. Specialty inserts for holding spice jars and utensil caddies are also a handy helper, as are cabinet risers for keeping cups and mugs in view.

Open Shelving
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields
  1. Open Shelving

Easily accessible open shelving is a great way to keep kitchenware close, especially if you enjoy looking at your collection. Reserve this space for your most-used dinnerware like cups, mugs, plates, and bowls. Attractive staple appliances like coffee presses, toasters, and teapots may also find a welcome place on open shelves. It’s also a great area to display beautiful dinnerware and beloved cookbooks. Open shelving doesn’t have to be expansive if you’re worried about dust, with clever design it can be designed to fill awkward angles and small nooks in the kitchen too.

Cubbies and Containers
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields
  1. Cubbies and Containers

It’s hard to talk about storage and not mention cubbies and containers…because they’re essential! Sectioning off storage space with physical barriers is helpful when it comes to keeping things orderly, and built-in cubbies allow you to easily achieve this. They create micro-storage within a design, so things can be categorized and organized better. Add in some containers and you can make cubby storage even more efficient. Think about zones like the pantry, kitchen island, shelving, etc. that you can integrate cubbies and containers into for stashing away your kitchen goods by type. Decide on a common aesthetic when designing cubbies and selecting storage containers like bins, baskets, and jars to connect the overall kitchen design.

Breakfast/Beverage Bar
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields
  1. Breakfast/Beverage Bar

You may be noticing a common theme in modern kitchen design, breakfast and beverage bars are definitely a thing now—and it’s here to stay. That’s because it just makes sense, even in a small space. Designating a place for grab-n-go breakfast items and beverage service in the kitchen helps get your day off to a good start, and it’s equally convenient for evening cocktails too. This is a great place to store breakfast bars, cereal, whole fruits, coffee, and tea to start your morning routine off stress-free. You may also include a mini fridge with drinks and bar items for happy hour later.

Multi-Purpose Islands
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields
  1. Multi-Purpose Islands

Kitchen islands are the workhorse of the kitchen—with functionality from seating to storage, and dishwashing to displaying your dinner spread. Custom islands especially pack a lot of punch when designed to maximize function within the space. Investing in a custom island feature with multiple purposes, over simple stock options, can dramatically increase storage space. Kitchen islands built with cabinet bases often provide the most options for storage, like pull-out drawers and integrated shelving. Couple that with an expansive countertop for cooking and seating for guests, and a kitchen island can be a real design hero!

Pantry Envy
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields
  1. Pantry Envy

Is your Pinterest profile full of posh pantry shots? If so, you may have pantry envy, and we totally get it! A well-organized space to store ingredients makes cooking more fun whether you are a Michelin chef or consider the task more mundane. Bins and containers will be your best friend if you’re trying to get a handle on pantry organization. Keeping like items grouped together really is the key to simplifying your pantry woes. If you lack a pantry altogether and you’re dreaming of a designated place to store food items, consult with a seasoned designer for eye-opening ideas to help you achieve this goal.

Working with an interior designer experienced in space utilization can yield transformative opportunities like luxe looking stress-free storage. An investment in well-designed living is ultimately an investment in a simpler lifestyle. Destress your kitchen by contacting us to get a design conversation started, we’re here to help you live your best life!

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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