12-bold-design-risks-guaranteed-to-pay-off 12-bold-design-risks-guaranteed-to-pay-off

12 Bold Interior Design Risks Guaranteed to Pay Off

Life is about taking risks and going the distance to see what the future holds. So why should interior design be any different? As homeowners, we often play it safe when it comes to decorating our homes, sticking to neutral themes and generic styles. But, taking calculated design risks can truly elevate a space and make it stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter houses. By incorporating unique elements and personalized touches, your home can reflect your individual tastes, interests, and even your quirks. With the guidance of a skilled designer, no risk is too impossible. 

In this article, we will share 12 calculated design risks to take in your home to create a unique, personalized, and truly one-of-a-kind space. So, if you’re ready to make a bold statement in your home, read on and discover how to turn even your most outrageous design dreams into a stunning reality.

Choose Bold Wallpapers, Colors, and Patterns

One of the easiest ways to add fun and drama and make a space feel unique and more dynamic is by using bold wallpapers in unusual patterns, textures, and colors. Animal prints, big floral patterns, and bright colors can create a unique design statement. In this beautiful music room featured above, our Carmel design and renovation studio chose a soft beige leaf motif layered on a dark grey background, creating a unique, sophisticated aesthetic. The walls mimic the grandeur of the beautiful baby grand piano – a statement piece in the music room.

Include Oversized Lighting

Lighting is the jewelry of any home. It can add a unique panache and grandeur to any space, making it one of the simplest ways to make a bold statement in your home design. This can be especially effective in a large room or open-concept living area where the oversized lights can add a sense of scale and balance. Your designer should consider the overall aesthetic and design style of the home when incorporating oversized lighting to ensure that it complements and enhances the existing design elements rather than detract from them.

For example, in this kitchen featured above, we added two beautiful, oversized pendants over the island, which not only illuminate the area but also draws the eye upwards and creates a stunning focal point.

Mix Patterns For Visual Interest

Homeowners often opt for a neutral theme for a classic, timeless look. But take a risk and try mixing it up a bit! Mixing patterns is a simple design experiment you can try to amplify your home’s appeal without making it look haphazard. By combining different patterns, colors, and textures, your designer can create a harmonious blend of elements that work together to create a cohesive space. The trick is mixing varying scales within the same color family, keeping the decor balanced yet, adding uniqueness and personality. In the example on the left, varying hues of grey mixed with hints of off-white create a cohesive appeal, while in the bathroom on the right, combining two different tile patterns highlights a unique statement-making accent wall.

Create Multiple Focal Points

When it comes to designing a room, there is no rule that states it must have only one focal point. Breaking the norms can often lead to original and aesthetic visual statements. Take the risk and add two (or more!) focal points to draw the eye up, down, and around the space, providing a dynamic visual experience. This can also make a room feel larger and more interesting, as the eye is constantly being directed to different elements. For example, in the living room featured above, we incorporated a gallery wall, a stunning light fixture, and a lovely black ottoman in geometric patterns centered around an elegant, sophisticated fireplace, all of which serves as focal points, creating a strong visual interest.

Incorporate Exciting Artwork

Art has a powerful voice and is a wonderful way to incorporate your personality and interests into your home’s decor. Your artwork reflects who you are and how you live. If you find artworks you like, even if they’re oversized, and you don’t know where to place them, take a risk and make the purchase! You can simply place it on the floor or leave it on a mantlepiece as a beautiful decor piece. They are excellent conversation-starters and encourage guests to engage with the space. A prime example of this is the colorful artwork in this living room which creates a playful, dynamic, and energetic vibe while also complementing the existing decor and design elements in the room. Consult your designer to help you aesthetically display artworks you love that are meaningful to you.

Add Vintage Items

Always keep an eye open for vintage, antique items that can add a unique character and history to your space and serve as a compelling visual element to your home’s decor. Taking a risk by incorporating the old with the new creates unique, lived-in, statement-making rooms that appear more curated. For example, using an old wine barrel as a bar table stand or a vintage clock paired with a modern lamp can add whimsy and style to your home. Not only are vintage items unique, but they also provide an affordable way to make your home sparkle compared to buying new, modern pieces.

Create a Feature Wall

Say goodbye to all-neutral walls by adding a feature wall with bold wallpaper, wood paneling, tile, paint, a curated display of your favorite hobby, a biophilia wall with greenery, or an elegant mural. Feature walls add personality, energy, and variety to a room through colors, patterns, and contrasts, creating an eye-catching visual impact. In the bedroom example above, we created a feature wall with a bold black wallpaper with pink floral highlights, amplifying the oomph factor. In the second example, a blank wall is transformed into a feature wall with the client’s favorite pottery pieces, creating contrast, depth, and a sophisticated visual appeal.

Turn on Dark Mode

It’s an urban myth that painting a small space with a dark color will make it feel smaller. On the contrary, going dark and dramatic is a fun design risk, creating inviting, sophisticated, and intimate rooms. Dark hues add mystery and elegance and can make architectural details stand out. Unlike white, a dark shade has dynamic undertones that keep changing throughout the day. The home office above sports a beautiful dark, luxe jewel tone. See how the different corners of the room are illuminated differently, creating rich and shadowy patches according to the daylight streaming into the room.

Create a Dramatic Ceiling

When designing the interiors of a home, it can be easy to overlook the potential of the ceiling and settle for a plain, neutral shade. Take a bold risk and dress up that fifth wall with elements such as shiplap, ceiling tiles, recessed lighting, or other architectural details to make it visually appealing and dramatic. In the bedroom on the left, we designed a beautiful wood ceiling, adding coziness, warmth, and texture to an otherwise neutral space. The timeless versatility and durability of wood make it an exciting choice for creating an elegant, sophisticated ceiling. Meanwhile, in the hallway on the left, we chose a white color but created a vaulted arch detail with exposed arched beams to add a touch of drama!

Incorporate Colorful Seating

If you’re not ready for a grand-scale risk like a bold ceiling, start small with upholstery. Colorful seating and decor are fun ways to create a cheerful ambience. They add a playful and unexpected touch that grabs the attention of guests and creates an attractive focal point in the room. It is also a wonderful way to unleash your creativity and show off your personality. Choose your favorite colors and let your designer figure out how to blend them seamlessly into the space. As seen in the kitchen above, the addition of orange chairs adds a playful pop of color to a grey and brown color scheme. Even simple additions like colorful cushions on neutral seats can make a dramatic statement.

Add Unique Accessories

See how this gorgeous floral-patterned chair and the cute rocking horse infuse the room with color and character! A room isn’t complete until it’s filled with meaningful accessories that lend personality and uniqueness to the space. Smart accessory selection is a fun design risk you can take with the help of your designer to help you showcase your individuality and improve the overall design aesthetic of your home. Add contrasting sharp pops of color with accessories in a neutral room and watch the space come alive.

Infuse with Personality

Keep in mind that your home is an extension of you. So be brave and let your home reflect everything that is unique about you, no matter how unconventional your tastes are.  

Don’t go by the norms of spotless spaces you see in design magazines. Instead, think about your interests, hobbies, and desires and proudly display them in beautiful ways with the help of your interior designer. Incorporate personal items, such as family photos or artwork, or choose bold murals that reflect your personality. See how we showcased our client’s love for golf in this mudroom above with a large wall mural, a golf caddy, and a jar of golf balls to complete the look, leaving no room for doubt about this homeowner’s favorite sport!

“Curate Your Life”

Interior design legend and fashion icon Iris Apfel, who at over 100 years old continues to inspire, teaches us the importance of taking risks in design to curate the life we desire. It is important to remember that the greatest achievements in life come from taking chances. Daring design choices can lead to unique, beautiful, and fabulous results. Not only do these risks enhance the aesthetic of a space, but they can also increase the value of a home. A home that stands out in the market due to its unique and well-designed features will attract potential buyers.

Ready to take the risk? Reach out to us to help you design a home that’s 100% YOU – your Everything Home.

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