Closet Concepts: A Quick Guide to Great Closets

Yes, it is totally normal to get a little crazy when the calendar flips to the New Year and start decluttering your entire house! You are months into winter hibernation at this point, so naturally you’ve grown tired of seeing unorganized messes overflowing from your closets. Maybe it is not the “stuff” that is the problem though, perhaps it is the closet? Below are quick tips for designing closets that maximize both space and function whether it be for pantry, linen, or wardrobe storage.

Doors that Score

Maximizing closet space could be as simple as minimizing door space. Slider doors and pocket doors are excellent choices for closets. Hideaway doors are space saving yet just as useful when it comes to concealing storage. Pro Tip: increase function by adding a full-length mirror to the inside of wardrobe closet doors when appropriate.

Lighting Lessons

Since closets tend to be window-free, a combination of overhead lighting and LED wire lighting is recommended. Add motion sensors for added convenience. If the closet is large enough, like a walk-in pantry or master bedroom closet, chandeliers are a fun way to embellish the space. LED wire lighting can be integrated into shelving to illuminate dark corners and cubbies with a soft glow.

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

If there is ever a room in your house to maximize space, it is the closet! Think floor-to-ceiling — using every square inch to create an oasis for organization. Start with solid surface shelves and hanging bars for the essentials. Consider double-bar systems to accommodate one row on top of the other with hanging items. Then add stacked shoe cubbies, garment drawers, and loose item bins into your design where space is available. Hideaway tie racks, belt racks, and multi-purpose hooks are desirable extras.

Deep Drawers and Sliding Bins

Say goodbye to bulky stand-alone dressers in the room, and hello to deep drawer closet systems. Free up space in the main room by integrating deep drawers into your closet design for storing folded shirts, sweaters, socks, and intimates. Drawer piders and jewelry trays can help keep smaller pieces in order. Slider drawers and bins are also useful in the pantry to store bagged chips, grains, root vegetables, and other loose items.

Ottomans, Islands, Hampers, and Catchalls

Make your closet a relaxing place to start the day by adding an ottoman for sitting while you get dressed and meditate your morning. If your closet is large enough consider incorporating a center island for shoes, handbags, and additional accessories. Save space in the main room by including laundry hampers in clothing and linen closets. Insert a catchall tray or bin for keys, glasses, wallets, hats, and gloves in both coat and clothing closets.

But first, Coffee

Turn an ordinary pantry into a butler’s pantry by adding electrical outlets and counter space for coffee and tea makers, toasters, and other small appliances. This streamlines meal prep while decluttering counters in the main kitchen.

Love a great closet? We do too! We can help to maximize storage opportunities regardless of closet size. Contact Everything Home to learn more about our unique interior design services including designing organized spaces and happy places.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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