Tidy Up! Designing a Functional, Organized Laundry Room

Oh laundry day, understandably not most people’s favorite day of the week! It can be an intimidating task whether you try to knock it out in one day or spread it out over several—because before you fold that last pair of pants, it’s often time to start all over again. Life just keeps making laundry but you can wash away your frustrations around this pesky chore with smart work space design. A functional laundry room can make washing, drying, and folding a breeze so you have more time for the fun stuff!

Must-haves that just might turn your laundry space into a favorite place:

A naturally lit laundry room
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Natural Light

Sunshine makes everything better, right? It’s a lot easier to find inspiration for a dreaded chore like laundry with sunshine filling the room, so definitely let the light in! Aim to welcome as much natural light in as possible when designing laundry spaces. Live plants love natural light too, and similarly help to lift the mood when added to a work room.

Wash sink
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Wash Sink

A deep, large, wash sink for scrubbing and soaking is a definite must-have in the laundry room. This powerhouse feature truly has endless uses, from light washing of delicate clothes to scrubbing muddy boots. You may also consider adding an additional sink or shower pan with tile backsplash for washing your pets. Retractable sprayer faucets sure make rinsing, and life in the laundry room easier too!

A laundry room with a drying rack
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Drying Rack

A folding rack or hanging rod for air-drying delicate clothing is a staple in the laundry room. Not all fabrics can handle mechanical drying, so it is important to also consider an area to dry garments gently. Retractable wall racks for laying pieces flat that stretch when hung vertical, or built-in rods for clothing on hangers, both work well. Drying times vary depending on fabrics so you will want racks and rods mounted in an inconspicuous, out of the way, place in case items need several days to fully dry.

Plenty of folding space
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Folding Counter

Folding clothing right in the laundry room really is the best bet for keeping oneself accountable and wrapping up this chore quickly. Laundry folding counters can be stand alone tables, countertops mounted above front-loading washers and dryers or rolling clothing bins, or counters on top of base storage cabinets. Keep in mind that a comfortable counter height for folding is around 30” when planning folding zones.

A storage-centric laundry room
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Storage Spaces

Detergent, spot-remover, bleach, starch, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, oh my! There are lots of supplies to keep track of in the laundry room, so functional storage design must be considered. Closed cabinetry helps keep smaller items orderly, while open-shelving is a great option for stowing larger laundry baskets and totes. Additionally, tiered rolling supply carts can be used to keep things organized and within reach. Laundry rooms are also a great place to store household cleaners, brooms, mops, and more.

Ironing Board

If you love a crisp pleat or starched seam, then planning a place to iron is an important part of your design. In lieu of standard folding ironing boards, which can take up a lot of space, you can opt for a compact countertop ironing board that can be stored in a cabinet when not in use. Half-size folding ironing boards that hang on the back of the door are also an option, as well as folding ironing board wall cabinets with a built-in electrical plug and extra space for storing the iron.

Sorting bins
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Sorting and Socks

A designated place to sort delicates, colors, etc. definitely helps keep laundry running smoothly, especially if you are washing over multiple days. Rolling bins and totes are great helpers when it comes to separating garments. Having a “sock box” on hand for stashing lost socks awaiting their match in between loads is helpful too.

A mixed-use laundry room
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Mixed Use

The laundry room is a busy place! Mixed-use laundry and mudroom spaces make a lot of sense if the room is in close proximity to the garage and/or kitchen. Laundry rooms can also serve as the welcome center of the home depending on location. You may consider adding a drop zone for mail, keys, coats, and/or charging stations for phones and laptops. If large enough, a laundry room may also accommodate a family desk or a makerspace for arts and crafts.

Ready to upgrade your laundry day? We can help you wash in style and save time too with an organized, functional laundry room makeover. Contact us to learn more about our lifestyle enhancing remodeling services!

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