Designing Creative Kid Spaces

A wonderful childhood is just that, one full of wonder. Creative spaces provide an atmosphere for curiosity and imagination to blossom. Everything Home embraces every opportunity to design environments that encourage pleasure and personal growth for our clients, no matter the age!

Here are design tips for some of our favorite creative kid spaces:

Book Nooks

Think puffy pillows, cozy throws, and bundles of books. Book nooks fit perfectly into corners and window benches. Floor cushions and bean bag chairs provide comfy seating for young readers. Rows of floating shelves lining the walls stocked with fun reading material is a key ingredient. A reading light nearby for those late night read-a-thons is helpful too. Don’t forget something cozy to cover up with and twinkle lights overhead for added ambiance. Oh, and a plush rug to soften the space if necessary.

Study Zone

Study zones are places for students to focus, blooming the brightest ideas. For some children a traditional desk and chair makes the most sense, for others a window seat learning nook, or standing work space. Ample lighting, composed of overheard light and fun lamps illuminates a study zone perfectly. Docking stations for charging laptops and tablets are a nice touch. Mingle in bins and jars for organizing supplies like pencils, pens, paper, etc.

Crafty Corners

Art from the start — crafty corners are the place for paint, glue, glitter, crayons, markers and any other materials that help little ones channel their inner artist. Naturally, these creative spaces can get a little messy so start with washable flooring. Then incorporate wall storage and bins for organizing supplies. A washable work table with fun chairs is a must. As a finishing touch add a gallery wall for displaying masterpieces — this could include a series of simple frames or string wire with hanging clips.

Imagination Station

Imagination stations embrace curiosity and encourage unique ideas. From dress-up centers to Lego tables, make room for free play. Add a simple platform stage for small performances and big debuts. Hang whimsy mirrors for dress-up and showcase boxes for completed Lego builds. Tired of tripping on toys? Organized toy storage is the solution! Wall storage units with labeled hide-away bins and baskets are successful in keeping toys in order and out of the way.

Focus and Fun

Incorporating room for mindfulness and focus can yield plenty of fun too. Climbing encourages focus while helping to burn off extra energy. Unique climbing walls and structures can be integrated using rock-like hand and foot holds. Yoga similarly promotes strength in body and mind. Start with a hard floor and a large wall mirror in building a special space for growing yogis. Twinkle lights and flameless candles can add tranquility to the yoga experience. For practicing gymnast and dancers alike — soft mats, balance beams, and bars are great addition.

Everything Home is excited to design creative kid spaces to embrace your child’s uniqueness. Contact us to learn more about these inspiring design ideas!

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