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Designing Spaces for Teens

If you have a teenager at home, you already know they have their own wants and wishes when it comes to space design. Having their own place to hang out with friends, whether it be in-person or connected virtually, is usually top priority! A space for hosting impromptu sleepovers, homework sessions, and plenty of storage also make the list—and privacy ranks high of course too.

5 Space Design Considerations for Teens:

Spacious Sleeping

Spacious Sleeping Spaces

A spacious bed to stretch their growing legs is a teen room must. This might be the time to bump up that twin bed to a double or queen depending on the size of their room. You will still want to leave plenty of extra space for other activities. Including an extra sleep space for overnight guests, like a trundle or fold-out sofa, is a nice touch too.

Lounge Area

A Fun Place to Lounge

Lounging with friends is the highlight of the teen years for many. Well-designed home lounge spaces provide a safe, semi-private, place for teens to kick back with friends. Cozy floor cushions, cushy bean bags, and comfy chaise chairs are all great furnishings to consider. Swing chairs are also a fun addition, but require special ceiling mounting.

Games, television, and audio speakers all help to keep teens entertained and happy too. Bold colors, pop prints, fun art, and twinkle lights are some favored decor options. And don’t forget to include a mini snack bar and beverage fridge in the design if you want to see big smiles. Basements, spare bedrooms, and dens are excellent locations for building a relaxing, yet exciting, teen lounge space at home.

Homework and Creative Zone

A Creative Study Space

Teens won’t necessarily ask for a homework zone, but you may find having a dedicated space for it helpful in keeping them focused and on task. This could simply be a desk or table top for their computer with extra workspace for written work. A comfy desk chair always helps too! Include storage for paper, pens, pencils, etc. This zone can double as a creative space for crafts or other hobbies too. Quiet closet nooks, corner pockets and loft spaces are all ideal locations for teens to work away from busy areas in the home.

Flexible Storage

Stuff, lots of stuff! Teenagers can accumulate a lot of personal belongings in their rooms as they age, many of which are hard for them to part with. Toys, clothes, books, awards, photos and more—little by little it really adds up and can feel overwhelming when you enter their space. Incorporate flexible storage options like bins, cubbies, shelves, and pin boards that can change as their storage style and needs change over time.

Staying Connected

Creating Connected Spaces for Teens

Communicating with friends and family outside of the house is important to a lot of teenagers. Think about tech needs when designing spaces for teens. This could include ample wi-fi coverage throughout teen spaces for various devices including phones, computers, and game consoles depending on their interests and equipment. Electrical outlets with built-in USB charging ports are also much-appreciated by teens.

No matter the need, we can help design the perfect space! Contact us to get started designing zones that will have your teenager hanging at home, and loving it.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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