Make Room for a New Room: Formal Dining Room Spaces Repurposed

Your house may have more space than you think! Before you add on, before you move out, look around — perhaps you can repurpose an underused room and maximize your existing floor plan. Formal dining rooms are commonly underused spaces in modern living but lend great opportunity for new rooms. With their location conveniently next to the living room and kitchen, the possibilities are vast.

Formal Dining Room Conversion Ideas:


Make this space your niche nook, an informal place for hobbies and happy time. Add built-in bookshelves, cozy chairs, soft glow lamps and voila, you have a library/den space to relax and read in. Settle in with a hot cup of tea from the nearby kitchen for the full effect.

Home Office

Converted dining rooms make great home office spaces because having a door is not always necessary. A desk is usually a must along with added storage for files, and shelves for supplies. Depending on your work life, you may also consider installing a large wall calendar art piece for keeping track of schedules, appointments, task lists, and other important details.

Guest Room

Unless you host regular out-of-town guests and have the extra space it doesn’t always make sense to devote a bedroom solely for visitors. Consider adding a hidden Murphy bed to underused rooms for multi-functionality. Get creative finding ways to add secret sleep spaces for temporary stays.

Baby Nursery

Growing families can convert formal dining spaces into a nursery during the baby years to save space and/or keep baby close by if the master is also on the first-floor. Shorten frequent walks in the night tending to baby and allow for more convenient diaper changes during the day by keeping the nursery near.


This is one of our favorite family reuses for any underused room, a playroom! Little ones can play the day away, rain or shine in a devoted playroom space. Add bins for toy storage, table with chairs for art projects, floor cushions for reading, tents for a hideaway—you name it, so many options and so much fun to be had. For older kids consider adding a tv and lounging chairs to create a cool hangout space.

Ready to re-room? Everything Home can help convert underused spaces in your house to your favorite places! Contact us to learn more about our unique interior design process and services.

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