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Everything Home’s Holistic Design Approach

To transform and inspire is the core focus of the EHD brand. Our goal is to design resourceful luxe living that brings ultimate satisfaction, not just in look but in feel.

It is important to choose a designer that echoes your favorite Pins and Likes, and also one that thinks holistically. A good design experience goes beyond agreeing on a paint color or textile choice, it fully taps into both a home’s potential and the client’s emotions — transforming a space into one that evokes the best self.

A place for contemplation or conversation
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Builder: Old Town Design Group | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

The roots of our holistic Satisfaction by Design approach:

Design Inquiry

Successful space transformation starts with a design interview session, which we have built into our initial working consultation. We use key questions and observations to better understand our client’s unique lifestyle, ambitions, style preferences and the home solutions they are seeking. This helps us to determine and explore a range of design possibilities with an end goal of creating the most enhanced living opportunity a space can provide for the proposed budget. By taking time to understand each client individually, we are committed to designing very personal intentional spaces.

Bringing the elements together
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Builder: Old Town Design Group | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Holistic Visioning

Our holistic visioning process leads to impressive transformations. Extensive design experience has shown us that whether you’re renovating one room or a whole house, you must consider all of the opportunities present. Our designers are pros in uncovering unseen potential. By thinking comprehensively, you can both avoid missteps and maximize design impact from the start. The rooms within a house are intimately interconnected, with each space building on and influencing the other—we feel a design plan should be equally holistic.

Innovation with a dash of tradition
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Food For Your Mood

As humans, our environment is perhaps the best “food” for our mood. When surrounded by chaos we often feel confused and stressed. Alternatively, when our environment is orderly and inspiring we are much more likely to feel energized. Thoughtful space design matters to our mood, well-being, and coincidently our productivity. That’s why, ”How do you want the space to feel when we’re done?”, is one of the most important questions we ask our clients because it is really what matters most.

Whether our client opts for DIY design installation or contracts full design implementation, all benefit from our holistic Satisfaction by Design approach. It’s a proven recipe for design success and we can’t wait to share it with you. Contact us to set up your initial consultation!

Happy Home, Happy Life!

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