Grandmillennial Style: A Fresh Take on the Familiar

Grandmillennial style feels like a cozy visit to grandma’s house but with a touch of modern millennial flair. Inspired by nostalgia, up-cycling, and quirky interior design of the past, millennials are reinventing “granny chic” with a fresh, fun, and full of personality spin on traditional decor. This playful aesthetic is supported by a tasteful mix of print, pattern, wicker, cane, tassels, pleats and fringe—ranging from Victorian vintage to preppy-classic in look. 

6 Ways to Incorporate Grandmillennial Style Into Your Design:

Layer Patterns

Florally things are a Grandmillennial must—from flower-adorned wallpaper patterns to chintz-printed textiles. Toile and traditional geometric patterns are also favorites. Mixing patterns is celebrated (and there really is no limit!) so go ahead layer on classically fun prints. Pillows, bedding, drapery, rugs, wall coverings and wall art are all places to incorporate vintage-inspired patterns.

Fill Up on Frills

Texture, texture, texture! We’re talking all the frills…tassels, fringe, ruffles, scallops and pleats. Grandmillennial doesn’t shy away from the fancy stuff, incorporating traditional (sometimes lavish) adornments into a relaxed eclectic style for an elevated luxe yet comfy feel. Drapery, lamp shades, bed linens, furniture, etc. — there are plenty of opportunities to get your frill fill.

Mix Vintage Metals

Brass and silver-plated furnishings are a perfect complement to Grandmillennial style. Metallic furnishings add something shiny and visually interesting to a space. Ornate photo frames, antique scroll mirrors, gilded lamps, crystal embellished chandeliers, trophy vases, and metallic figurines are all stylish additions.

Update Traditional Furnishings

Slipcovers and reupholstery are both Grandmillenniall-friendly. Elevate classic dining chairs with a beautiful pleated linen or vintage printed slipcover. Reupholster tired Queen Anne accent chair fabrics with an eye-catching velvet or floral print for a fun furniture facelift. 

Balance with Wood

With color and pattern at the forefront of Grandmillennial design, it is important to balance this bold style with softer natural wood features. Mixing vintage-inspired rattan, wicker, and cane furniture pieces adds an organic feel to the space. Wood sofa legs and full furniture pieces like antique armoires and end tables also does the trick.

Play with Color

Grandmillennial color palettes range from monochromatic to more often bold, sometimes intentionally awkward, contrasting hues—like orange and lavender, scarlet and powder blue, emerald and dusty pink. Decide what vibe you want for the space and plan colors accordingly. Use brilliant shades or sharp color contrasts to increase energy and subtle or single monochromatic colors to create a relaxing mood. 

Our eclectic design team is here to help you up-cycle outdated traditional pieces into hip Grandmillennial style, contact us today to get started!

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