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How to Mix Metals

A new day, a new way. A saying that positively applies to designing with metal finishes, and we couldn’t be more excited! Not that long ago it was common practice to select one metal finish for your entire home. Faucets, door knobs, cabinet hardware, chandeliers, curtain rods, photo frames, and anything else metal under one roof…all in one finish. What a big design decision, and one that could date itself fairly quickly. Designers are now mixing metal finishes and the results quite wonderful. Mixed-metal designs yield authenticity, creating an eclectic space with natural lived-in appeal. Here are 3 smart tips on how to mix metals.

Mixing it Up Without Messing it Up

We recommend selecting a dominant metal for your home, complemented by one to two accent metal finishes. If you already have multiple metals in a room but are having trouble pulling it together, try adding hardware or an accent piece to the design that highlights both metals in an effort to unify the space. An even usage of different metal finishes in a room or throughout the home also helps when mingling metals.

How to Mix Metals

Finish Families

Room color palettes serve as a guiding force in selecting complementary metal finishes. Warm metals, like brushed gold, brass, and copper pair nicely with warm room colors like brown, red, orange, and yellow. Cool metals, like silver and chrome, pair best with cool room colors like blue, green, and violet. Neutral metals like iron and gunmetal are suitable for all color pairings. Dark industrial metals balance at room’s palette, highlighting surrounding colors in a design.

How to Mix Metals

How to Mix Metals

Metallic Textures

Combining brushed, matte, hammered, and polished metal finishes adds richness and depth to designs. Embellish a room with metallic textures by adding textiles woven with metallic thread, furniture with nailhead, artwork with metallic brush strokes, picture frames of different metal finishes, or foil accented wall coverings.

We love a design concept that saves homeowners money by maximizing details already in place. Mixing metals is a timeless trend we are excited to showcase in your home. Contact Everything Home to learn more about our unique design services.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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