Hygge Home: Celebrating a Cozy Winter

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word with many meanings — all of which are cozy, warm, and delightful. Some think of Hygge as an art, others regard it as more of a feeling. Hygge is the perfect balance of design and emotion, maximizing comfort and charm throughout the home.

Dane’s created the concept of Hygge as a strategy to survive the dullness of long, cold dark days. They set out to find happiness by celebrating life’s simple pleasures through use of natural colors, textures, and light. Thoughtfulness and togetherness are also backbones of the Hygge lifestyle.

Home design concepts of Happy-Hearted Hygge:

Nature’s Palette

Color your home Hygge with cozy palettes of earthy pastels and natural neutrals. For inspiration think outside — stormy greys, sandy beige, subtle sky blues, misty forest greens, ombre sunsets, and moody jewel tones.

Cozy Comforts

Decorating with natural fibers like wool, cotton, and fur can make your home feel like a big open-arm hug. Think soft and fluffy when picking out decor, incorporating plenty of throws and pillows. Use every opportunity to create comfy nooks for reading, relaxing, and reflecting.

Photo Credit: Wesley Hall

Light Up the Night

The darkness of winter can sadly squash one’s spirit; Lighten your mood with light. Decorate with candles in every room, providing impromptu occasions for candle-lit calmness. Make the fireplace the focal-point of entertainment spaces, creating the perfect atmosphere for friendly gatherings. String wired twinkle lights for a welcoming glow in dark rooms.

Woodland Appeal

A woodland hike is a happy place for many, so mimicking those wonderful feelings indoors is a naturally good idea. Floral, greenery, wood, and stone are all elements of Hygge design. Creating an organic space filled with fresh flowers, potted houseplants, wood tones, and rock elements is definitely a do.

Hygge Happiness

Hygge is about more than design and decor. To truly live Hygge host gatherings with friends and family in your home. Fill your rooms with more than furry rugs and wooly throws. Occupy the long days of winter cooking, eating, relaxing and enjoying the good in life with your favorite people. For added Hygge, sip warm winter tea in your favorite wooly socks because Hygge is all about the feels.

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Happy Home, Happy Life.

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