Living at Home During a Renovation Living at Home During a Renovation

Living at Home During a Renovation

Deliveries, dust, disruption—the idea of living at home during a renovation can be daunting but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Remodeling a home is a very exciting time, one that naturally brings on some stress. The long-term enjoyment you will get from your upgraded space will make the temporary inconveniences of renovation well worth it though. After seeing your design dreams come true, you’ll be wishing you did it sooner!

Planning is the key to many successes, including living at home during a renovation project. Below are some considerations for staying on schedule and minimizing discomfort while living around construction. 

Transparent Timelines

Before construction starts it is critical to establish and understand your home’s renovation timeline. You don’t want to be surprised by demo day! Knowing your design project manager’s construction timeline is as important as grasping the design vision. A timeline helps your family appropriately prepare the home for anticipated distraction and disruption—it also indicates an end is in sight with a targeted reveal day. Timelines should be shared transparently in a way that keeps everyone informed, from the homeowner to the help.

Staging, Scheduling, and Securing

Designate staging areas for storing building materials before supplies are delivered. A secure, dry location like an empty garage or outbuilding is usually best. This may require parking in the driveway or on the street while storing project materials. 

Share scheduling concerns with your design project manager, like preferred AM or PM working hours. If necessary, make sure gated entrances and lockboxes are accessible for those requiring entry. Communicate instructions for working around any animals in the house too.

You will also want to confirm with your insurance provider that your homeowner policy includes sufficient coverage for value added as a result of renovation. 

Prepping Work Zones

Confirm with your design project manager what precautions will be taken regarding dust-containment and floor protection. HVAC units that pull air through the house should also be considered, and filters should be added to returns. Floor coverings may need to be replaced periodically to maintain floor protection. Zip walls are best for room separation since they allow easy access from room to room when necessary. 

Route construction crews with a clear path to project zones. Paper or plastic floor coverings help guide foot traffic and keep things clean. Remove all wall hangings and decor accessories both on the path and in project zones. Securely cover furniture with painter’s plastic and bag all exposed linens and drapery. 

Ask your design project manager about their post-construction cleaning process. With all the demo and dust, a professional cleaner is a valuable addition to the reno budget.

Establishing Living Zones

Focus on cooking, bathing, laundering, and sleeping when it comes to evaluating your living conditions during renovation. These are the essentials! 

If your kitchen will be impacted, set up an alternate cooking space in the home if possible. Refrigerators generally can be relocated to a nearby room or the garage if electric is available. Ovens require special circuits and cannot be relocated as easily. Consider using a microwave or toaster oven instead. A sink or basin will be necessary for dishwashing. Organize a small box of kitchen utensils and disposable dinnerware to use for quick meal prep during construction. Dining out and meal delivery is a smart option too! 

Locate local laundry services to help with laundry if needed. Prepare to move to a guest bedroom and/or bathroom if renovation requires. Pack up only your most-needed clothing, accessories and cosmetics to bring along.

Power Through with Positivity

Nothing makes a renovation project run smoother than positivity! Think of the mess as progress. Stay motivated by the end result—a beautiful new space to enjoy for many years. Find activities to do outside of the home, especially if you have kids. Explore community parks and public spaces while out and about. 

Ready to see your house dreams come true? Let’s get renovating! We can help you from visioning to victory—contact us to learn more about the Everything Home difference. We’re more than designers, we’re experienced design project managers. A one-stop shop for your renovation needs! 

Happy Home. Happy Life

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