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Maximalist Interiors: 5 Tips to Achieve Max Design!

Maximalist interiors take home design to the max in the most elegant way—layering unique patterns, bold color choices, elaborate florals, vintage statement pieces and gorgeous lighting. Think heavyweight printed drapery, moody highly saturated colors, velvet couches, huge floral framed art, dramatic chandeliers, and lots and lots of accessories. These are fun, casually collected spaces brimming with generous layers of fascinating finds and a riot of color joy! Far from boring, we’re excited for this high energy trend and all the possibilities it brings in waking up tired spaces.

Five pro tips to help you nail maximalist interiors at home:

Pattern on Pattern on Pattern

Starting from the ground up to the ceiling, you really can’t have too much pattern in maximalist design. Large square checkered flooring, paired with printed wallpaper walls, patterned drapery, and textured ceiling tiles can all be part of the plan. Florals, pinstripes, plaids, herringbone, damask, oh my! They all fit the bill, along with many more. No worries about clashing either, awkward pattern combinations have a home in maximalist design.

Floral Abundance

Surround yourself with bold botanical prints, sometimes spanning entire walls as floor to ceiling murals. Gilded framed revival floral art is another great option, especially when hung against patterned walls. Dramatic fresh flower arrangements like long twisty spring dogwood branches in an oversized vase are a welcome statement too.

Cue the Color

Energetic color combinations are the foundation of maximalist design. Be bold in your choices, some faves include deep teal, bright magenta, royal blue, sunshine yellow, and emerald green. But really the list is endless, because this aesthetic is all about fun! Contrasting colors like orange and blue create instant vibrancy, while monochromic themes cater to a more relaxed environment. The point is, anything goes! That includes painting trim and window sashes with complementary hues.

Nod to Vintage

Coined “granny chic”, maximalist design embraces the vintage heart for sure. Curated and eclectic in style, we think your nana would be proud of this nostalgic design trend filled with elegant elements from centuries past. Avoid clutter by displaying heirlooms and antique pieces in vignettes or glass china cabinets. Revert to more classic furnishing styles like rolled arm sofas and wrought-iron beds. Include antique framed mirrors and vintage art on the walls to complete the look.

Lavish Lighting

Lighting has a lot of influence in a room, instantly setting the stage for a specific aesthetic. Big or small, be bold with your lighting choices. Maximalist lighting style ranges from elaborate crystal chandeliers to mid-century blown glass pendants—the point is they should be eye-catching and grip the attention of those entering the room. Pro tip, lighting is a smart place to splurge! Chunky colorful table lamps and heavy brass fixtures are another great choice.

Layer by layer we can help you build a bold beautiful interior, contact us to invigorate a dull space with maximalist design!

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