Mudroom Faves: Most-Loved Mudroom Designs Mudroom Faves: Most-Loved Mudroom Designs

Mudroom Faves: Most-Loved Mudroom Designs

Mudrooms are usually the first room to greet you when you come home from a busy day. Having an organized and efficient space for stashing shoes, hanging bags, catching coats, dropping mail, and charging electronics when you walk in just makes life easier—and a beautiful design makes it even better!

So what did it take to design our most-loved mudrooms? Explore our favorite mudroom designs and features below:

Drop Zone

You finally made it home, and now it’s time to unload the car. Hands full, you bust through the door hugging an armful of groceries, mail wedged between your fingers, and your car bag sliding off your shoulder. Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to drop all those things right inside the door so you can get your shoes off before settling into those warm house slippers you’ve been dreaming of all day?

You’re not alone, hence the mudroom drop zone! This workhorse feature is often built-in with hooks for bags and coats, a bench for dropping bags or sitting to slide off shoes. Mail bins and key cabinets also make the list! You get the point, it’s pretty much your best friend when you come in the door.

Mudroom Drop Zone Mudroom designs

Smart Storage

The mudroom is a popular pit stop, stocked with all the essentials whether you’re coming or going. It’s a busy place and storage is key to keeping it organized. From cubbies to lockers, closets to cabinets, well-planned storage helps conceal the mess life on the go can sometimes make. And we all know the time-saving benefits of having a designated place for all the daily “things”!

Smart Mudroom Storage Smart Mudroom Storage

Charging Stations

Nothing like reaching for a device and not having the charge to complete the task at hand. Integrating charging stations into the mudroom can save those headaches. You can eliminate countertop clutter with docking drawers which add power outlets into cabinet drawer systems. Life hacks like this save you from running around the house last minute looking for lost devices too.

Mudroom Charging Station

Durable Surfaces

Hard-working spaces call for hard-working materials. We’re talking wainscoting and shiplap on the walls, tile or luxury vinyl plank on the floor, and solid surface countertops. Think durability when making mudroom selections, these rooms can take a beating.

Durable Mudroom Surfaces Durable Mudroom Surfaces

Shared Spaces

Mudrooms usually include an entry from either the garage or exterior, since they are most commonly the family entry to the home. Design these spaces in a way that allows for a natural flow. Mudrooms are sometimes shared spaces with laundry rooms and desk spaces too, adding in a pocket or sliding barn-door feature can help separate uses or conceal these working rooms from adjacent living spaces. And if you don’t have room for a whole room, you may consider transforming a back hallway entry into a mud “room” with creative design.

Mudroom Shared Spaces Mudroom Shared Spaces


Mudrooms don’t have to be all work and no play—have a favorite quote to start your day, this is the perfect place to showcase it! You’re sure to see inspirational messages, to-do lists, and calendars when they’re displayed in this main passage to and from the home.

Mudroom Inspiration

Our mudroom designs are always as efficient as they are luxurious so you can live your best life. Contact us to get started on your new or improved mudroom design!

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Happy Home, Happy Life

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