Mudroom Must-Haves

Just because mud is in the name doesn’t mean it can’t be marvelous! Mudrooms are more than a place to stash your muddy mucks. Think of mudrooms as arrival and departure centers in your home—a place to hang your coat, sort mail, leave a message for your family, and more.

When planning the perfect mudroom, consider the following opportunities and options:

Storing Shoes and Other Stuff

First things first, you definitely need a place to store shoes in the mudroom. Build a system for storing shoes, coats, backpacks, and purses. A combination of benches, lockers, cubbies, hooks, and bins will conceal the mess and prevent tripping hazards that personal items sometimes cause. Personalize storage centers by family member name to keep things orderly.

Message Board System

Mudrooms are a popular stop, making them the perfect place for posting the family calendar, weekly shopping lists, and chore check-off sheets. Playful fabric pin boards and chalkboard walls are excellent options for organizing upcoming events and family messages.

Arrival Station

As the arrival hub in the house, ample countertop surface space in the mudroom is key. Having a place to drop the groceries, keys, mail, etc. will help if your hands are full coming through the door. Incorporating wall pockets for quickly sorting mail and drawers or hangers for keys is helpful too.

Perfect Place for Pets

Pet-friendly mudrooms provide opportunities for custom built-in crates, fluffy pet beds, pull out cabinetry for food storage, a place to stash treats, hooks to hang leashes, and an easy to clean location to feed and water your furry friends. This hot trend is one to watch for!

Don’t Forget Durability

Mudrooms experience a lot of foot traffic, so durability is key. With so much action there will inevitably be drops, spills, and drippy shoes . Flooring must be durable, stand up to moisture, and be easy to clean. Consider tile or Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) for the mudroom. Walls may endure similar destruction. In addition to drywall think about adding shiplap, bead board, or board and batten for increased durability.

Everything Home can design a mudroom to simplify your daily routine. Contact us to learn more about our custom interior design experience!

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