Eagle Creek Home Transformation Eagle Creek Home Transformation

Eagle Creek Home Transformation

Elegant simplicity describes this home transformation in Eagle Creek, Indianapolis. Our designers put a light palette to work for a full-home renovation and cosmetic in which even normally understated colors make a bold statement. The result is a luxurious, relaxing space that truly feels like home.

A blend of classic and modern design elements turned this kitchen into a dignified space. Clean white appliances and sleek grey cabinetry contrast with the natural look of the granite countertop and wood grain island. With a gentle tile backsplash and sparse, yet bold use of dark elements, this kitchen can be a culinary escape or a cozy family hub.

Rustic and natural elements come together for a living room that exudes relaxation. A classy, white-trimmed fireplace pops in a space filled with grey tones that are easy on the senses.

But it’s the stairwell that really adds design intrigue to this room. We structurally redesigned the entire stairwell to make better use of the available space. We also added a geometric railing to give some grandeur to the living room and foyer.

Behind a set of sliding barn doors, you’ll find yet another escape, this one adorned with an upright piano and more nature-inspired elements. Filled with light from generous windows, this is a space that’s both private and uplifting. Filling it with music? That’s up to you.

Design by Everything Home
Photography by Sarah Shields

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