Scandinavian Modern

This beautiful 8,100 sq ft new construction luxury home in Westfield, set against an impressive natural backdrop with stunning views, was a joy to work on. The home’s exterior architecture and the Scandinavian style, which masterfully balances comfort and minimalism, served as the primary sources of inspiration.

The design team aimed to cultivate ‘hygge’ – a Danish concept encapsulating well-being and the creation of an environment that encourages feelings of warmth, contentment, and coziness, without being overly ornate or cluttered. Clean lines, minimal decoration, soaring ceilings, and walls of windows form the core of the design, complemented by warm finishes, textures, statement light fixtures, and art pieces.

The pride of the design lies in the primary bathroom. Here, the original floor plan was reimagined to create a true sanctuary. Dark, enveloping walls and floors accented in teak contribute to the sense of luxury. The walk-through dual shower stands as a key feature, both fitted with drenching rain showerheads attached to the overhead teak beams. Further enhancing the allure is a natural stone soaking tub, exhibiting the Brizo fixtures from the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection.

In the living room, a single statement wall was established using the 4-sided, 2-story fireplace chase. This was achieved by wrapping it with a large format marble tile, signaling the organic elements used in a bold way.

Lighting choices were equally thoughtful. Beautiful fixtures, doubling as art statements, were utilized, as seen above the kitchen island. Conversely, some lighting sources were designed to blend into ceilings and drywall, illuminating the space but allowing mother nature’s views to take center stage.

The Plans

The Results

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