Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Home 

Are you in love with your neighborhood, but out of love with your house? Or maybe your house needs are simply shifting due to lifestyle changes? From dated decor to current building challenges, there are lots of reasons for renovating – and some clear signs it’s time to renovate!

Here are some common “it’s time to renovate” clues to consider:

A lifestyle change is a sign it's time to renovate
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Lifestyle Changes

Every stage of life has unique needs and the reality is house designs that worked well for your family 5 years ago, may not work for your family 5 years from now. After all, a house with toddlers requires significantly different amenities than a house of empty nesters. As children age, their space design needs develop too. Things like finished basements support kids well for play and hangout areas, while easily accessible first-floor entertaining spaces are sometimes more conducive for retirees. Lifestyle changes spur house changes. If your house no longer serves you well, but your neighborhood does, renovation is definitely something to consider.

Renovate to fix an inconvenient layout
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Inconvenient Layout

Does your current layout have you scratching your head? Optimizing space is the root of renovation, where underused spaces are repurposed to their ultimate potential. Moving walls, swapping spaces altogether, adding square footage to the current floor plan, reimagining rooms and relocating installations like windows, doors, and stairs are all possibilities in a well-planned holistic renovation. You might be amazed by the transformation that can occur within the same four walls you currently reside.

Time to update your decor?
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Style Update

A decade doesn’t seem like a long time to live in a house, but it is a long time for the same furniture and decor to live in the house. What was trending 10 years ago, isn’t always trending now, leading to a hodge podge of outdated styles and mismatched aesthetics if you’re not diligently updating. Renovation provides an opportunity to kick or coordinate confusing and competing styles for a more cohesive and collectively inspired look.

Updating to modern amenities
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Modern Amenities

If you’re swooning for premium appliances like a broad Italian range oven, oversized hood box and pot fillers in the kitchen, or tech features like built-in speakers and heated floors, renovation might be necessary prior to installation. In historical homes, alterations to walls, floors, and utilities may be especially necessary to achieve modern design goals. A skilled designer can assist with this design process for a smooth and successful transition.

New building challenges is one of the biggest signs it's time to renovate
Interior Design: Everything Home Designs | Photo Credit: Sarah Shields

Building Challenges

Renovation is also a great solution if you’re ready for change, but uncomfortable building in the current market or unable to find land in your preferred community. With lumber and land prices at an all time high, renovation may be the best option. Work with an interior designer to assess if must-haves of your dream build can be accomplished within your current home. Creative renovation can yield some amazing results!

Do any of these signs it’s time to renovate sound familiar in your home? Transformative renovations are what we are known for—if you are considering, we would love to chat design ideas with you! Contact us to set up an in-home consult and working session to see how renovation can elevate your living without relocating.

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