Single Source Responsibility:
7 Benefits of Working with a Design-Build Studio

Remodeling can be a complex and stressful process, but there’s a way to make it enjoyable and hassle-free. With a design-build approach, you’ll experience a seamless and efficient process managed by a single point of contact from start to finish. This innovative interior design and construction philosophy places you, the client, at the center of everything we do. Below we will explore the benefits of working with a design-build studio that embraces single-source responsibility and how this approach is shaping the industry’s future. Discover how you can easily and confidently transform your space into a dream home.

Cost Savings

Working with a design-build studio can potentially save costs when compared to dealing with the pitfalls of working with an unsophisticated general contractor (GC) and their possible mistakes with layout, material selection, scheduling, and more. Design-build teams are incentivized to minimize costs because they are both designing and constructing the project. 

However, the cost savings of design-build compared to design-bid may not always seem to hold true, as many people tend to take notice of the bids from cheap contractors. Remember that cheap contractors may not always have the experience, knowledge, or resources to design and construct a project to the quality standards that the homeowners desire. As a result, they may end up with a poorly constructed project that will require costly repairs in the future. Often, the final product has “bad bones” and is thus beyond simple repair.

With Everything Home, clients have one point of contact for all design and construction services, eliminating the need to manage multiple contractors and suppliers. This streamlined approach results in cost savings in several key areas, including, while sourcing materials, the design-build studio has greater control over the materials used in the project, which allows for better negotiation with suppliers and the ability to source materials at a lower cost. Similarly, by eliminating the need to manage multiple contractors, clients save time and money on project management costs. In a design-bid process, changes to the design often result in additional costs in the form of change orders. In a design-build project, the team is responsible for any necessary changes that arise during construction, reducing the risk of costly change orders – unless the change order is initiated by a client’s changing mind. Design-build teams often employ value engineering techniques to optimize the design and reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Most designers aren’t aware enough of material options or construction techniques to specify based on value.

These cost savings can be substantial for homeowners. With single-source responsibility, clients have the peace of mind of knowing they have one trusted partner ensuring the best possible outcome and the greatest return on investment.

Increased Efficiency

In a design-build project, the design and construction phases are combined into a single contract, which can lead to more efficient and faster project delivery. Having one entity responsible for design and construction services streamlines the process, eliminating the need to manage multiple contracts and parties. In contrast, the traditional design-bid-build approach often involves multiple contractors and suppliers, making coordination and communication more complex and time-consuming. Single-source responsibility increases communication and coordination efficiency, leading to faster project completion times and allowing clients to enjoy their renovated or newly constructed space sooner.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

With Everything Home, clients have a single point of contact for all their design and construction needs by having both teams under one roof. On-site design and construction teams can quickly address any issues or challenges, reducing the risk of delays and rework. It leads to better accuracy in project execution, reducing the risk of mistakes and miscommunication and improving overall project outcomes.

Quality Control

Single-source responsibility is a great way to ensure the highest quality of materials and the highest standards of work processes, with both design and construction teams working in a unified manner. A design-build studio has relationships with manufacturers and other vendors, which is invaluable in problem-solving issues that may arise with materials and furnishings. And, in the event of any issues or challenges with construction, having both designers and builders working as one team allows for better design pivots and higher-quality resolutions. Consistent standards are established with regular inspection and quality control at every step.

Reduced Decision Cycle

Staying on time and within budget are important aspects that our design-build studio upholds with every project. We are able to consistently maintain our success rate because we ensure that very few parties are involved in the decision-making process. Most often, only the client and the designer are involved in the decision cycle, eliminating the need for the client to speak with construction supervisors and material providers to arrive at a final decision. This leads to improved accountability and coordination, resulting in quicker decision-making and a better ability to maintain the overall project schedule. Clients can have confidence that their project will be delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

Legal and Managerial Responsibilities

Nobody enjoys a legal nightmare arising from permits, paperwork, and project mismanagement during their remodeling project. Legal liabilities in a design-build project can arise from many aspects, such as design flaws, construction defects, and contract disputes. When a single entity is responsible for all aspects of the project, the risk of disputes and lawsuits is reduced substantially because the responsibility for any issues is clearly defined. This reduces the risk of multiple parties pointing fingers and blaming each other, which can lead to lengthy and costly legal battles. 

With single-source responsibility, the design-build team works together to resolve any issues that arise, which can lead to faster and more cost-effective resolutions. In other words, our design-build studio takes care of all the legal and contractual responsibilities and ensures proper project and risk management, giving clients peace of mind.

Single Source for Support

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond delivering their dream homes on time and within budget. As a design-build studio with single-source responsibility, we offer the added benefit of post-commissioning support and resolution of issues. Our rigorous quality control during the design process ensures a seamless experience. Still, in the unlikely event of any anomalies, we take immediate responsibility and act as the go-to source for resolution. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands from start to finish – and beyond.

Peace of Mind – Guaranteed!

As a design-build studio, we take care of every aspect of the design and installation process, ensuring our clients have a seamless and stress-free experience. You only need to sit back and relax, knowing that we will manage all the logistics and take care of any unexpected surprises that may arise. Whether delivering your dream home on time or providing post-commissioning support, Everything Home is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our clients.

If you are in Central Indiana and wish to renovate your home with the convenience of design and construction managed under one roof, reach out to us! We offer a truly white-glove renovation process to ensure the best experience and outcome for your project!

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