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Taking the Stress Out of Home Design: 6 Things Interior Designers Handle So You Don’t Have To

Interior designers are most recognized for their smart space design and savvy selections which help shape enhanced ways of living—but underneath the finished product is another valuable layer, one that supports the human experience on an even deeper level. 

Interior designers handle a lot of details (and problem-solving!) so the client doesn’t have to. This behind-the-scenes work is critical in creating the best space utilization possible while designing awe-inspiring interiors. Working with an interior designer allows you to tap into years of specialized experience from clever design visioning processes to professional project management. Plus you get exclusive access to vetted tradespeople, vendors, and products!

There are a lot of valuable advantages to working with an interior designer, here are 6 things a designer handles so you don’t have to:

Design Discovery

Interior designers are kind of like design psychologists—arriving unbiased with fresh eyes and a series of questions to help better understand your needs, wants, likes, and dislikes. Designers also want to know how you like to live in your space and what inspires you most. By digging deep, a designer is able to discover unique opportunities for improvement and elevated living within the space. This takes pressure off of the client to come up with design solutions and a vision. 

 6 Things Interior Designers Handle So You Don’t Have To
Design by Everything Home Designs | Photography by Sarah Shields

Budget Planning

Budget is the backbone of every design project, that’s why “What’s your budget?” is an early question when meeting with clients. Experienced designers help clients to realize what is possible within their budget, where they can save, what is worth splurging on, etc. Even with the best planning, surprise costs can happen, but interior designers handle making adjustments as necessary along the way to ensure a design stays within a designated budget.

Project Management

One of the biggest perks of working with an interior designer at Everything Home Designs is benefitting from our project management skills, including our handling of the project timeline and all the other moving parts too. Designers meet with contractors and vendors saving our client’s time, energy, and often aggravation. They set project schedules and make alterations to the work calendar when necessary to keep things running smoothly.

6 things interior designers handle
Design by Everything Home Designs | Photography by Sarah Shields

Contract Craftsmen

Custom design is rooted in a designer’s “Rolodex” of tried and true top-notch craftsmen and contractors. These relationships are built and perfected over years of working together. Building trustworthy working relationships with carpenters, cabinet makers, countertop installers, flooring specialists, plumbers, electricians, etc. is another piece of the puzzle that interior designers handle for their clients. When you work with an interior designer you gain access to their invaluable list of go-to contractors so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Sourcing Selections

Interior designers are known for their artistic eye and keen sense of style, which is dependent on sourcing furniture, textiles, art, etc. to match their vision. They are pros at knowing what products are available and where to get what they need…and when a piece is nowhere to be found, designers know just who to call for a custom commission piece. Interior designers handle sourcing all selections and even display samples for the client so visiting a bunch of showrooms to get a sneak peek isn’t necessary.

6 things interior designers handle
Design by Everything Home Designs | Photography by Sarah Shields

Professional Installation and Cleaning

Our designers arrange for product delivery, storage, and staging in-house of all furnishings. The job is not done until all of the boxes and bubble wrap are removed from the site. Professional cleaning post-construction is completed prior to design installation so our clients can just sit back, relax and wait for the big reveal!

Don’t worry about a thing, Everything Home can handle your next home design project from concept to completion. Contact us to get the conversation started—renovation, remodel, and new build alike, we make design dreams a reality through our full-service, worry-free signature design process. 

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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