Wallpaper Woes: Tips for Avoiding Wallpaper Mistakes

Wallpaper Woes: Tips for Avoiding Wallpaper Mistakes

Modern wallpaper installations are full of wow! Avoid the woes with smart selection and application. Whatever your design style, there is a paper for you. Gone are the days of dated theme borders and dull matte papers. Today’s wallpaper is all about texture, durability, and fun. Wake up tired design with wallpaper!

Wallpaper Woes: Tips for Avoiding Wallpaper Mistakes

Consideration to Make for Avoiding Wallpaper Mistakes

1. Accent or All – How Many Walls to Paper?

Stumped by which walls to paper, or how many is too many? Relax knowing there are no set rules. In a small room like a powder room or den, all walls are suitable for papering. In a larger room like a living room, bedroom, or office, you might choose one accent wall instead. A fireplace surround in the living room, the headboard wall in the bedroom, or desk area in the office are all great accent choices. Pantry shelving, beverage bar, and laundry washing station backdrops are also fun one-wall applications.

2. Paper Selection by Application

Wallpaper has come a long way, and it’s not even all paper anymore. Vinyl wallpaper is a thing, and it’s an amazing thing! Kitchens, baths, bars, and laundry rooms are all considered wet zones in the home. Traditional paper wall coverings succumb to moisture and are prone to peeling when wet. Advanced vinyl wallpapers resist water are now available in a wide variety of print and pattern. Vinyl papers are durable and easy to clean too. Conventional paper wall coverings are more suitable for dry zones like bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and dens.

Wallpaper Woes: Tips for Avoiding Wallpaper Mistakes

3. Print, Pattern, and Paint

From bold botanicals to florals and animals, patterned menswear to rivets and studs, timeless grasscloths to metallics and leather—there is a paper for every style. As designers we couldn’t be more excited to see wallpaper trending again. The texture and ta-da wallpaper adds to a room is unparalleled to plain painted walls. Prints and patterns are usually seamed every 24-27”, so consider the repeat when choosing wallpaper. Small prints sometimes repeat more often and can actually appear busier than large patterns which repeat less often. Murals are comprised of several widths of wallpaper but do not repeat. Murals do not necessarily have to fill the space they are applied on, alternatively they can be framed in paint or wood. Pro-tip: Paint walls before papering in a coordinating color to minimize unsightly seams that naturally occur over time due to sun and humidity.

4. Specialty Installation – Ceilings

Possibilities for papering are really endless! Ceiling applications are unique ways to incorporate texture and pattern into a room design. Above the master bed, over a dining table, and a coffered ceiling are all neat places to paper. There are a few things to consider when papering ceilings. First, work with a qualified and experienced installer who has access to proper equipment including ladders and scaffolding and can also guide you through choosing proper paper weights and coatings. Also, make sure any ceiling lighting rims and mounted speakers coordinate with the paper design. You don’t want these to stick out, so pick finishes that disappear into the wallpaper.

Wallpaper Woes: Tips for Avoiding Wallpaper Mistakes

The designers at Everything Home can help you in avoiding wallpaper mistakes. We love assisting our clients find perfect wallpapers from subtle to stand-out! We can take care of the sometimes intimidating installation process too. Contact us to learn more about our flexible Satisfaction by Design process.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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