What to Look For in a Home Builder

It’s time to build your dream home! Maybe you found the perfect lot and even the perfect plan—which means next up is finding the perfect home builder to bring it all together. Building a home is a bit like a puzzle, with each part of the process relying on the other. One of the most important pieces of course is securing a skilled builder to construct your plan.

It’s never too early in the building process to start your search for a builder, even if you haven’t secured the lot yet or finalized your design. If you know someone who recently had a stellar building experience in your area, definitely ask for a referral. Friends and family are a great place to score solid recommendations too! Spend some time online as well, reading home builder reviews and scanning style portfolios for a good match. You might even find open houses in your area for a sneak peek at your preferred builder’s final product.

Here are some additional things to look for when selecting a builder:

Choose a home builder to make your dream build a reality
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Communication Style

It is paramount that your communication style jives with your builder’s style. Successful building experiences rely on clear and consistent communication, from both parties. From day one, until the last detail, responsiveness matters. So does a physical agreement, steer clear of builders that won’t put their promises on “paper”. Transparency and honesty, whether the news delivered is good or bad, is another important quality. You will likely know pretty quickly if a builder’s communication style works for you, and if it doesn’t, save yourself the headache and keep looking!

Choose a home builder with attention to detail
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Project Management Experience

Tangible results, like craftsmanship, usually come to mind first when selecting a builder, but don’t overlook project management experience. A smooth build takes careful coordination from initial lot inspection all the way to final move-in inspection. Seeking referrals can help you understand what it’s really like working with a builder from a client’s perspective. Ask about their typical start-to-finish build process when interviewing potential builders. This will give you a clearer idea of what to expect and a glimpse at how polished their project management skills are.

Choose a builder who is ready to collaberate
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Collaboration and Connections

A builder’s toolbox often extends beyond hammers and nails, collaborations and contractor connections are some of the most valuable tools a builder has. Subcontracting specialties is typical in the building industry, so it’s good to know the strength of your builder’s contractor relationships to avoid delays especially. Make sure the builder you choose uses quality contractors and is in good standing with local permitting agencies as well. Hint, hint, a well-connected builder is usually also a good communicator and project manager too!

Choose a builder with a reasonable price
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Portfolio and Pricing

Definitely search online portfolios for a builder with an aesthetic that excites you. Everyone has their own style, yielding wonderfully eclectic communities, but you will want to work with a builder that naturally embraces your same style preferences. Pricing is also important! Be thoughtful in setting your build budget, maybe even include the help of a financial advisor, and stick to builders who confidently work within your set budget for added peace of mind.

Choose a home builder who values quality
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Values Quality

Building a home is building a future, and arguably the biggest lifestyle choice you make. So quality counts when selecting a builder. Again, client reviews and referrals really help in determining a builder’s dedication to quality. As does knowing some of their preferred vendors, methods, and materials.  A gracious warranty is also a great sign that your home builder values quality over cutting corners.

Interior design is another integral piece when building a home, especially if you’re after clever custom looks. The sooner you involve your interior designer in the build process the more opportunity you have for building in fully custom features, like smart electrical placement for lighting and tech installations, decorative ceiling beams, wall built-ins, etc.  An expert designer can also help with outdoor facade and lighting selections for a more unified and cohesive design. Contact us to learn more about our new home design process and long-standing, top-rated builder collaborations.

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