Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home

Unlike pillows and throws that get swapped out by the season, window treatments are a design investment. Select window treatments with long-term design goals in mind and don’t hesitate to splurge for what you want. Consider both function and fashion when determining the best options to ensure longevity.

Below are some window treatment profiles to help you navigate their style and design differences:

Woven Shades

Relaxed and casual in design, versatile woven shade window treatments add a natural touch to any room. For full privacy add lining and for enhanced texture choose from wood, jute, bamboo, or flax materials. Consider inside mounting woven shades for a refined look. Inside mounting hides mounting hardware behind trim work making the shade installation appear seamless.

Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home

Roman Shades

Casual and super customizable Roman shades offer timeless appeal. Roman shades can be lined for full privacy and are available in a wide-range of fabric colors and textures. Different pleat styles and custom tape designs support unique looks. Motorization for easy raising and lowering is an option too.

Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home

Roller Shades

Streamlined and modern, roller shades allow some natural light in for partial light control while still maintaining privacy. Roller shades can also open all of the way to give a full view of the outside world. A variety of fabrics and colors can be used to blend furnishings. Motorization and inside mounting are available options too.

Roller Shades in Family Room

Drapery Panels

Drapery brings softness, color, and texture to a room. With a variety of pleat options, fabric selections, and seemingly endless embellishments — drapery panels are a custom window covering capable of supporting any style. Layer drapes with other window coverings or use them alone. Line drapes for added privacy and room darkening effects. For a luxe look, hang drapery high to draw the eye up. High-hanging drapes accentuates room height which makes the space appear larger. Decorative rods and finials are available in an assortment of finishes allowing drapery to blend nicely with surrounding style.

Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home


If you’re after a clean built-in look then consider shutters. Easy to operate shutters offer both flexibility and function. They insulate your windows and may even reduce home energy use.  Custom options include varied blade widths for light control, mixed viewing opportunities, and unique finishes. Shutter window treatments are a timeless choice that may also add resale value to your home.

Shutters in Master Bedroom


Traditional wood, faux wood, and metal blinds offer privacy at a great price point. Their clean streamlined look has a lot of applications complementing many design styles. With a variety of different textures, finishes, and slat sizes available you can easily find the right blinds to fit your needs.

Blinds in Master Bedroom

We can help you with choosing window treatments that support both your room design and lifestyle preferences. Let’s chat window goals — contact us here!

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