Style and Function: Smart Home Technology We Love

Smart home technology can save you time, aggravation, and costly energy bills. Never leave your home in the dark while on vacation again, stop climbing ladders to open out-of-reach blinds, and quit searching for the perfect water temperature each time you take a shower. Lighting, sound, window treatments, faucets and more can all be operated through synced home automation systems accessed by sleek control panels, tablets, phone apps, and voice command speakers.
With today’s technology you can enhance your daily life without sacrificing the style you love in a room. No more clunky control panels and cluttered cables!
Here are some of the smartest, yet stylish home technology features available today:
Light Up Your Life
Whether home or halfway across the world, you can easily control indoor and outdoor lighting with the touch of a button. Automated lighting offers added functionality to turn lights on and off when you walk into and out of a room via smart sensors. Voice activated dimming and brightness is a popular feature too. Create the illusion you are home by programming custom light scenes, adding security and peace of mind while traveling or even just away for the day. Smart lighting can be built into new or existing lighting fixtures. Best of all you don’t have to sacrifice style since the mechanics of smart lighting is mostly behind-the-scenes.
Sound with Style

Messy media cables and style-sucking subwoofers are thankfully a thing of the past. Modern smart sound systems are built into walls and ceilings leaving very little footprint. Low profile speakers and cordless systems seamlessly disappear into a design, yet surround you with sound.
Motorized Window Treatments
Style doesn’t get much smarter than remotely controlled blinds and shades — a feature especially important for hard-to-reach windows. Schedule daily opening and closing of window treatments according to seasonal sun patterns and privacy preferences. Motorized window treatments are available in a wide-range of colors, textures, and finishes to compliment any room design.