Should I Remodel or Should I Move?

Whether you’re starting a family or emptying the nest, budding a career or planning for retirement, housing needs tend to shift with lifestyle changes. There are many life factors that can leave you wondering — Should I Remodel or Should I Move? Below are some tips to help you decide what is best.

Make a Plan

Start the “remodel vs. move” decision process by examining your housing goals for the next 5-10 years. You may be eager for instant change, but sometimes it makes the most sense to wait a couple years before making a big transition. Good timing helps to avoid multiple moves and wasted money on improvements that unfortunately lack adequate return on investment.

Do Your Research

Keep an eye on the housing market in your area. Researching the market by examining current listings, attending open houses, and watching what type of homes sell fast and for the most money will give you an idea of your home’s potential. From there you can make educated decisions on what remodel projects make the most sense and if moving is maybe more ideal. Kitchens, master bedrooms, and bathrooms continue to top the list for most-desirable home updates. Budget wisely and be mindful of the pitfalls of over-improving for your neighborhood.

Reasons to Remodel

If you love your neighborhood and real estate is limited, remodeling is a great way to achieve your design goals without sacrificing your surroundings. Remodeling provides opportunities to develop a design plan that meets your specific expectations. Some cons could include limitations to remodeling under certain zoning, lengthy timelines, and living in a construction zone with contractors coming and going.

Moving On

If you are looking for a change of scenery and have your eye on a particular neighborhood with readily available real estate, then moving could be the perfect fix. Finding a turn-key home is a particularly attractive option, saving a lot of added construction stress. Moving expenses can add up and you may not get your exact design wishes, but if you are able to avoid extensive construction and reside in your dream neighborhood it’s definitely a win.

The decision to remodel or move is personal but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Everything Home can help you to see the potential for remodeling spaces or moving places. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning specialized design services.

Happy Home. Happy Life

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