Spring Refresh: Bringing New Life to Your Space

Flower buds are on the cusps of breaking and the birdies are singing—spring is springing! Soon a light scent of lilac and sweet cherry blossom will wake us from the heaviness of winter hibernation. Nature is renewing and you can too. Refresh your living space and feel the energy of spring surround you.

Here are some spring style secrets to get you started:

Spring Swap – Pillows and Throws

Change out pillows and throws for an instant style swap. Trade fur, velvet, and other heavy winter textiles for fresh spring fabrics and light natural textures. Integrate pastels, floral and foliage patterns, watercolor prints, woven linen, and jute for immediate spring feels.

Restyle Book Shelves and Surfaces

Super clean, it’s a spring thing! Start your spring cleaning by decluttering bookshelves, furniture surfaces, and table tops. Get rid of extra weight in the room and then subtly sprinkle in pastel vases, light woven baskets, spring decor, and other fresh details.

Spruce Up with Potted Plants

Literally bring the freshness of spring indoors by adding layers of potted plants to your space. Consider mixed pots, living wall features, and hanging planters. From native ferns to tropical succulents, home decor can’t get fresher than live plants. Plus indoor gardening can be quite fun!

Rearrange and Refresh

Lost your luster for a certain space? Maybe things are feeling sort of stale? It’s amazing how refreshing rearranging furniture and furnishings can be. Simply moving existing things around can bring new life to a room and save money too.

Fresh Paint = Fresh Feels

When it comes to getting the most “bang for your buck” in interior design, paint is a front runner. Spring is a perfect time to refresh paint and maybe even try something new. Out with those Knicks and smudges and in with fresh and clean! Buttercream yellows, soft greens, and muted blues all make great spring paint accents and are easily supported by a neutral palette.

From a spring refresh to a full-scale remodel—Everything Home can help! Contact us to learn more about our unique award-winning custom interior design services.

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