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How Interior Designers Save You Money When Renovating a Space

Saving money might not be your first thought when considering hiring an interior designer, but you might be surprised how much it does! Investing in an experienced design professional to guide you through renovation is both time-saving and cost-saving because you avoid expensive mistakes, backtracking, delays, and the headaches that go with it.

Unlock valuable design secrets from a seasoned professional to get the most bang for your buck—and you might even score some deep discounts with access to their wholesale selections. We’re certain you’ll find working with an interior designer makes the most “cents”.

6 Ways an Interior Designer Saves You Money

Value Engineering

Experienced designers are constantly learning and practicing ways to be most resourceful, ultimately gaining clients the most design for their money. Knowing when to splurge and where to save stretches budgets to their maximum potential.

Working with a professional designer could be the difference of getting a kitchen + bath remodel out of the same budget that yields only a kitchen when working on your own. A designer uses their experience to value engineer your project, helping you to see a range of possibilities within a budget.

Like maybe less expensive, yet still high quality, stock cabinets support your kitchen reno goals perfectly, and more costly custom work is better suited elsewhere in the project. Designers can help you prioritize trade offs to get the best end result. You may be surprised just how far your money can go with a pro leading the way.

Interior designers are pros at repurposing elements and finding great discounts.

Honest Budgeting

Wouldn’t it be nice to start a reno project and know what it’s going to cost when completed? Experienced designers can offer you this convenience because they know what can be achieved within your budget constraints, they’ve lived it before. Designers can also recommend opportunities to elevate a design if a budget is increased or suggest limitations if decreased. With access to global pricing, designers can pinpoint your exact costs early in the experience so you can be confident of the direction your project is going and ultimately finish on budget.

Time is Money

Experience leads to efficiency and efficiency leads to savings! Harness the know-how of a seasoned designer and set yourself up for a smooth renovation. When you eliminate unnecessary hiccups, hold ups, and mess ups—you save money. Money that can be spent retaining a designer. Treat yourself to a stress-free renovation experience, with professional results, by hiring a designer from the start!

Furnishing Discount

Like the idea of paying up to 30% less for your furnishings? We thought so! Designers have the ability to pass wholesale savings on to customers, plus give access to unique furnishings not always available in the retail market. Get the most satisfying looks at a fraction of the price when you work with a designer. Through trusted vendor relationships, designers can also lock in pricing and place orders early in the process to guarantee the best price and timely fulfillment.

How Will An Interior Designers Save You Money?

Repurpose Pros

Sometimes after you’ve looked at a piece for so long, you just can’t see it any different than it’s always been and you decide to replace it. Think of the money you could save if you found a way to give it a fresh look instead. Designers use their artful eye to scout out these unique opportunities. From repurposed cabinets to reupholstered furniture, recycling old furnishings and fixtures into fresh statements is green while putting some green back in your budget!

Trend Spotter

Ugh. We’ve all been there, splurge for that super cute new statement piece only for it to be out of style by the next season. Experienced designers have seen a lot of trends come and go over the years, they know how to spot fade-able fashions. Lean on your designer’s trusted style forecasting abilities to avoid blowing your budget on trends that might set sail quick. Let your designer know you prefer timeless style for long-term investments like hardwood and tile, saving trendier selections for inexpensive decor like wall art and pillows.

Make every penny count and contact us to get started on your home renovation dreams. As a designer that also renovates, we steer clear of allowance-style budgeting and offer our clients fixed pricing instead so they can confidently stay within their budgets from start-to-finish. Our goal with every design project is to get the biggest look for the budget!

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