Design Elements: Where to Splurge and Where to Save?

Remember that time you splurged on home decor and then really wished you hadn’t? Maybe it was too trendy, low quality, or just didn’t bring you the joy you hoped for. There are several factors that go into making solid decor decisions. Below are some tips on how to achieve the most beautiful design for your buck.

Smart Splurges

Lighting is a large feature in most rooms, both illuminating and bringing warmth to a space. The fixture itself personalizes a design, and is not always easy to update. Splurge for high-quality timeless lighting in your design.

Countertops can last a lifetime, if chosen wisely. Splurge for long-lasting granite and quartz versus high maintenance marble and lower quality laminate. Select basic patterns, keeping in mind wall and cabinet colors may change over time.

Sofas are a sizable room furnishing and host a favorite pastime, relaxing. This is definitely a design piece to spend on. You can’t go wrong selecting something stylish, comfy, durable, and neutral. You won’t regret this splurge!

Window Treatments of all kinds garnish a lot of attention in a design. Indulge in well-crafted, drapes, blinds, shades, and shutters; durable enough to hold up to sun exposure and classic enough to weather passing trends. Think nicely made and neutral.

Savvy Savings

Accent Decor is subject to today’s trends and seasonal influences. Pillows, throws, and other room accessories are usually updated every couple years if not sooner. Be frugal when it comes to picking out popular prints and other fashionable room decor.

Dining Tables are a central feature for sure, but don’t necessarily have to blow your budget. Pair an affordable table option with upscale chairs for an upgraded dining set that makes you swoon without overspending.

Bed Linens can be beautiful without breaking the bank. Pick bedding that is cozy and classic, but not costly. Dress up basic bedspreads, duvets, comforters, and quilts by swapping affordable bed runners and pillows throughout the seasons.

Tile is a long-term commitment considering it is literally adhered to a room’s surface. Select classic, inexpensive tiles like basic subway tile for a lasting look that makes room in your budget for more significant spendings. Consider using big-ticket tile to accent a more affordable selection or incorporate it into a smaller design feature.

Splurging for an interior designer can actually save money too! An interior designer can help you avoid design pitfalls and navigate important decisions, like where to splurge and where to save. Let the professionals at Everything Home guide you on how to maximize your design budget. Contact us at for more info.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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