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Luxury Function Noblesville

Form or function? In this Noblesville, Indiana home, our answer was: why not both? Our client came to us seeking to reconfigure several functional spaces in their home including the laundry room, mudroom, and loft. With eye-catching designs and time-saving amenities, a luxurious functional design allowed these rooms to realize their full potential.

This home’s original laundry space was too small to fill the needs of our client. Rather than try to fight the size constraints, our designers took a more creative approach and relocated the entire laundry room upstairs. Part of the underutilized loft space became a guest bathroom and a spacious, beautiful laundry room outfitted with relaxing blue cabinetry.  The rest of the loft remained an inviting lounge space.

By relocating the laundry room, we opened up more space in the mudroom and created a totally new space tailored to the furry residents of the home. A dog-washing station by the back door is the perfect place to wash muddy paws before they innocently track dirt all over the house. This pup-friendly space even comes equipped with a drawer-mounted set of stairs for easy four-legged access.

Design by Everything Home
Photography by Sarah Shields

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