Designing a Productivity-driven Home Office

A dedicated home office is a great way to stay productive while working from home. Whether your work requires space for storing samples, files, or meeting clients, a well-planned home office can help you get organized and create a wonderful impression with clients.

Here are some pro tips for designing a home office that boosts productivity, improves your work morale, and looks fabulous.

Arms Reach Rule

Keep your most-used office items close, ideally within arm’s reach. Make a list of items you frequently need throughout the day, such as stationery and headphones, and arrange them neatly on your desk in an organized tray. Rolling carts are a flexible option for storing supplies close, and they can easily be tucked away in a closet after you’re done.

Designate Work Zones

To improve efficiency, consider creating custom zones for the various tasks you handle throughout the day. Store the essentials for these tasks in their respective zones. For instance, you could designate one corner of the room for printing, with paper and ink refills stashed nearby. A mail zone is another great idea, with hanging pockets for incoming/outgoing mail with a specific place for keeping stamps, envelopes, and labels. Calendar zones are popular, too, with wall-mounted acrylic dry-erase calendars and pinboards for posting important reminders.

Go Vertical with Storage Walls

Irrespective of your ceiling height, make maximum use of available vertical wall space by using them as storage walls in your home office. We recommend top-to-bottom shelving to get the most storage. Built-in shelving walls with integrated cabinetry are helpful in storing office supplies. This type of unit can make an impressive backdrop for video conferences too.

Select Your Tech

One of the pleasures of having a home office is the ease of completely customizing the tech to fit your needs. Popular options include wide-screen or multiple monitors, both of which can be mounted on arms for greater flexibility. Speaker systems can be of many stripes, including a set of high-quality ‘studio monitor’ speakers–perfect for a clean sound that doesn’t impair attention with too much bass, nor does the sound travel much throughout the house. If virtual meetings are part of your workflow, make sure to optimize your setup with a high-definition web camera, proper lighting, and an appropriate background.

Tidy Tech

Having an organized work desk with cables and cords hidden away neatly can greatly declutter your table and your mind, boosting focus and productivity. Be intentional with plug placement and consider drawing an electrical/wire plan as part of your office design. This will help you visualize the space in action and opportunities to conceal wires for a simple and safe design. Consider exploring options like custom charging stations and floor outlets.

Sort and Store

Try Marie Kondo-ing your office supplies before you designate space for them, and discard things that you don’t need in your home office. This is a good exercise in decluttering. Then, gather all your remaining supplies and plan for efficient storage, considering aesthetics, style, and functionality. Clear containers are functional favorites, making it very easy to locate things.

Closet Systems

Invest in a custom closet system to suit your specific office needs. Opt for plenty of cubbies and color-coordinate them to help organize them according to your requirements. Consider having a built-in beverage/snack bar if you invite clients to your workspace. The possibilities are endless, but involving a designer to help maximize potential is definitely a wise investment.

Need help in designing your home office? Let’s connect! Our interior design studio can help you plan your home renovation project to include a fabulous, functional home office that reflects your work ethic, interests, and lifestyle.

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