Team Spotlight: Adrienne Riggles

Detail-oriented is an understatement when it comes to Adrienne’s always thorough behind-the-scenes administrative work supporting our team. With over 15 years of experience in residential homes, she knows how to take care of customers and problem-solve any project issues that can sneak up along the way to provide an all-around enjoyable design experience. She’s EHD’s operations manager for all of our home renovation projects — always keeping a close eye to ensure projects run smoothly start-to-finish!

Adrienne Riggles

Getting to know Adrienne…

Tell us a little about what you do at EHD:

I implement and create standard operating procedures and processes for Everything Home. Administering EHD’s operations includes tracking sale conversions, managing damaged furniture claims and solutions, handling client agreements, and hosting staff meetings. Additionally, my project management tasks include estimating projects, scheduling trade days, creating construction schedules, ordering and tracking materials, communicating our process with clients, hosting construction meetings, filing permits, managing trades, and problem-solving project issues.

How long have you worked at EHD and what previous experience helps you to be successful in your current role?

I’ve been on the Everything Home team for one year, and bring 13 years of experience in property management with me. Additionally, I’ve worked 3 years as an office manager for a real estate company where I managed home transformations to help sell homes.

What inspires your customer service style most?

I thrive in tough situations! Helping to resolve customer complaints and navigating difficult conversations is a strength of mine. I always strive to provide customers with 5-star service. Being timely and thorough is also very important to me.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Helping to create and implement policies and procedures to help our business grow is very exciting to me. I also appreciate the customer-facing administrative role I have, and the work-life balance I enjoy as an EHD employee.

Do you have a current favorite design trend?

Ha! Thank goodness for designers, because that’s certainly not my wheelhouse. They design, I implement! Tell me what you want done, and I will make it happen.

In my free time, you can find me…

Being a mom! I have three girls ages 6, 16, and 19. I live in Greenwood and I like to travel. My family loves amusement parks and roller coasters…and the beach! I also love to kayak and try new foods. Thankfully my fiancé is an amazing cook. I spend lots of time in the summer swimming in our pool at home. Oh, and I love naps, but who doesn’t?!

Adrienne Riggles

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