Bar Cart Styling 101

Bar Cart Styling

Bar carts seem to be a hot new entertaining piece popping up in spaces all over the home. They function as great serving pieces for holiday gatherings and for year-round entertaining. But if cocktails aren’t your thing, know these pieces can also be styled as practical consoles.

We have 3 great styling tips to help you get started:

1. Evaluate color, pattern and texture.

When styling your bar cart, seek bottles with design savvy labels and complement them with playful coasters and linens. Also ensure you are mixing up sizes and shapes for an aesthetically pleasing layered look.

2. Mastering the mix – old with new.

When styling your bar cart, find a nice blend between those beloved family heirlooms you have been dying to display and unique new pieces. In doing so, your end result will be timeless and refined.

3. Blend feminine and masculine elements.

When styling your bar cart, consider the cocktails you may be serving. You will want a nice variety of glassware to support both the more feminine and manlier cocktails. You may also want to consider mixing metal finishes, and even incorporate some leather and wood finishes. Lastly, fresh flowers are always a nice finishing touch.

Below some examples of bar cart styling elements:

And for those seeking tips for styling your bar cart as a console, we would still recommend the same tips listed above. You will want to ensure color, pattern and texture have a presence. In addition, you will want to blend old and new treasures and definitely find a good balance in feminine and masculine elements.

Items to consider when dressing your bar cart as a console:

Table LampVase with Botanicals / GreensBooksStructural Elements

Console Styling

So as a quick recap to those styling their bar cart as a bar, source unique liquor bottles, bar tools, cocktail recipe books & glasses—old and new. To those styling their bar cart as a console, find a nice blend of mixed finishes as well as shapes and sizes providing contrast in scale. As a finishing touch, we recommend supporting the piece with complementary artwork or wall mirror to complete the vignette. And there you have it, easy styling for successful entertaining time and time again.


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