Considerations When Placing Furniture

From small end tables to large sectionals, each furniture piece supports the next in creating impressive interiors. Smart furniture selection starts with a design plan that considers function, flow, balance, zoning, and vignettes.


Reflect on how a space will be used as the foundation for furnishing your room. For instance, swivel chairs are a wise choice for a great room that backs up to a kitchen, allowing you to be part of both rooms at once. Sectionals are useful when designing an approachable, casual lounge space. While standard sofas are most suited for formal entertaining spaces.

When considering function, also think about durability. Seats that could experience a lot of wear should be upholstered in leather or worry-free performance fabrics known for longevity and stain resistance. Likewise, sturdy surfaces like marble and solid wood are most appropriate for family dining tables and desk tops.


Weaving in and out of furniture when walking through a room is an unnecessary frustration. Prevent chaos by mapping out traffic patterns; consider where people will enter and exit rooms. Leave a minimum of three feet open space around furniture allowing for easy flow.


To achieve symmetry in a room first select an anchor piece or focal point. In the great room the focus could be a fireplace feature; in the bedroom it will likely be the bed. Each piece carries its own visual weight. Bulkier items appear heavier while petite pieces appear lighter. Be mindful in distributing visual weight evenly throughout the room. Built-in shelving surrounding a hearth or night stands on either side of a headboard are perfect examples of symmetry. Two sofas running parallel in a room also creates symmetry. Similarly a full-size sofa with two accent chairs across from it ensures balance.


Transitioning from one room to the next should feel natural yet noticeable. Use statement pieces like area rugs to frame furniture zones and overhead lighting fixtures to discern one “room” from the next. Zoned design has the ability to pide the most open floor plans into inpidual living spaces.


Have you ever sat down in a chair and something just felt off? Like maybe the chair itself was super comfy but for some reason you still felt quite uncomfortable. That’s because every seat needs a side-car. End tables and floor lamps are great companions to chairs. Not only are they handy for drinks and useful for reading, grouped furnishings create vignettes that simply round out the space.

Everything Home specializes in creating spaces that look good and most importantly feel good. We can save you time and frustration in laying out the perfect space with the perfect furniture. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning design services.

Happy Home, Happy Life.

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