5 Refreshing Design Tips for the New Year

A Fresh Start: 5 Refreshing Design Tips for the New Year

Now that holiday decor is tucked back in storage, things may be looking a little sparse around the house. A clean canvas can be very exciting—embrace the new year with new style goals! We’re sharing 5 feel-good design tips that are both refreshing and easy to accomplish.

Design Tips for the New Year

New Paint

Nothing transforms a room quite like new paint. From a simple accent wall to a whole room, painting walls is an inexpensive way to make a big impact. Corporate paint companies research and launch new “colors of the year” each winter, this is a great place to find inspiration when choosing a color. Nature-inspired selections like petal pinks, cider hues, sea blues, and woodland greens are topping the list this year. Grey isn’t going anywhere though, still a very popular neutral along with white and beige. Kick off the new year with a new palette! 

5 Refreshing Design Tips for the New Year

Toss Pillows & Throws

Holiday pillows and throws are festive, fun, and quite frankly adorable. By now you may be missing the whimsy and warmth they brought to your home. Pillows and throws add a special touch and especially texture to the room. Consider adding faux furs, fuzzy chenilles, soft velvets, and woven sweater pillows/throws to your space this winter and bring back that cozy feeling.

5 Refreshing Design Tips for the New Year

Restyle Surfaces & Bookshelves

Bookshelves and table tops can look particularly bland after holiday decor is packed away. Liven up furniture surfaces and shelving with trays, candles, woven baskets, stacks of books, and potted greenery (fresh or faux, anything goes!). Take bookcases to the next level with a fun print or pop color backdrop. Consider adding peel-and-stick wallpaper or a bold paint color to the back of enclosed shelving for a unique style. 

5 Refreshing Design Tips for the New Year


There is no better time for decluttering than the beginning of a new decade. It’s natural to accumulate a lot of extra stuff as the years go by. Resolve to rid your space of items that no longer serve you, have a purpose, or support your style. Clearing surfaces opens opportunity for new additions as your design style continues to evolve. Plus it just feels good to let it go. Make arrangements for donating used decor and make someone’s day!

5 Refreshing Design Tips for the New Year


A new year brings on many new thoughts—some entail how you plan to spend your time in the future. Perhaps 2020 calls for more reading, family game nights, or entertaining. Evaluate your current space and decide if it supports your aspiring lifestyle. Rearrange items you already own to help decide what stays and what must go. You may need to shop or swap other rooms in your home during this exercise. Sometimes simply moving furnishings around revives a room and makes things feel fresh again.

5 Refreshing Design Tips for the New Year

We can help you achieve your design goals in the new year! Our award-winning design team can coach you through DIY design or complete your project from start-to-finish. Contact us to learn more about our flexible services.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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