Nature Inspired Interiors

There is one style that is always in, yet still a bit of an outsider — Nature. Natural interiors kindle our native spirit, evoking feelings of peace and tranquility around the home. Organic colors, prints, and textures infuse designs with the comforts of Mother Nature. Sustainable efforts to reclaim and reuse natural materials have energized designers to create some of the most unique indoor environments.

Shades of Nature

When we think of natural color palettes we often think neutral, but that doesn’t have to be. Nature presents itself in many colors, ranging from cool ocean blues to sunset yellows and fiery orange. Nature-based palettes lend opportunity for both tranquil and vibrant color choices. Natural light is also a factor in creating an organic space, so be mindful of ways to allow light in and how that may affect your color choices.

When planning a color palette consider the prominent color for walls, the secondary color for upholstery fabrics, and accent pieces for the least-dominant color choice. Use different shades within each color layer to create a most relaxed feel.

Organic Prints

Nature-Inspired wallcoverings and textile patterns can set the scene for an indoor oasis. Muted floral to dramatic foliage prints are showing up on walls, draperies, upholstery, and pillows. Elevate a neutral palette with bold pop prints or a majestic wall mural to feel the serenity of nature around you.

Flora and fauna decor naturally make us feel right at home. Think flowers, plants, trees, water, wildlife, and other earthly elements for accessory details including framed art.

Feeling the Outdoors

Integrated layers of natural textures like wood, stone, brick, metal, leather, and fur can nearly bring a room to life. Adding organic elements to your design yields a more comfortable space where each knot, chip, and natural imperfection is adored for its truly tangible story.

Incorporating living plants into a space guarantees a sense of natural living. Sneaking easy to maintain greenery like air plants, succulents, ferns, and pathos onto built-in shelves, coffee tables, or counter tops creates energy beyond just visual in a room.

We can help make your space feel naturally beautiful. Contact us to learn more about our organic design style and award-winning services.

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