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Designer Spotlight: Jackie Jenkins

Jackie is as passionate about designing beautiful spaces as she is about building client relationships. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Marketing from Ball State University kickstarted her career in luxury home design and remodeling. With her seasoned skillset in project management, space planning, and furnishing selections she seamlessly guides clients from start-to-finish in creating their dream home. Jackie draws inspiration for her standout design style from fashion, travel, art, textiles, and architecture.

Designer Spotlight: Jackie Jenkins

Get to know Jackie…

What made you want to pursue a career in design?

I have always loved walking into a space and experiencing all the feelings it brings to me! Growing up and moving around the country with my family, I experienced new homes, schools, cities, and was exposed to new styles of architecture, design, and cultures.  I love how design can create a special space by evoking different emotions. Being a designer allows me to build a relationship and vision with my clients and nothing beats seeing how happy and excited they are when their dream design comes to life.

What inspires your design style most?

I’m influenced by new things I see around me—I love to travel and explore unique places because it exposes me to new styles and ideas while expanding my knowledge of products and trends. I also follow a variety of builders, designers, and fashion icons which sparks interesting ideas!

What is one of your favorite EH Design projects to date?

I love special projects, this past year I was able to help complete the interior furnishings of the Home-A-Rama 2021 build. Seeing a project come full circle is so exciting and it is what makes me love my job! 

What is your current favorite design trend?

I personally love modern design and architecture. I love mixing materials and layering in different textures. Sometimes I feel like less is more so I try not to over-design a space, giving flexibility to change art and accessories out over time as trends come and go.

In my free time, you can find me…

I have two spunky and fun French bulldogs and enjoy walking the Monon trail with them or catching up with friends in new places in the city.

My favorite items available at the new EHD design showroom + studio are…

We have a variety of awesome pillows with custom fabrics to add a pop of color and fun to any space.

To learn more about Jackie, check out her many fabulous Houzz reviews, like this one:

“Jackie had the challenging job of picking up midstream in our build process when our original designer moved.  We genuinely appreciated her willingness and flexibility to step in and keep things moving forward for us.

Jackie has helped us with a myriad of decisions ranging from tray ceilings, carpet selections, window treatments, retractable porch screens, and a basement bar backsplash.  We were struggling to find a direction for the basement backsplash and Jackie suggested we look at a product by Finium.  We were beyond thrilled with the wood wall paneling she helped us select.  It is without a doubt one of our favorite features in the house and we have Jackie to thank for introducing us to the look.  

Jackie is very friendly, easy to work with and knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

-Lois Lohse, Houzz

Designer Spotlight: Jackie Jenkins

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