Elements of Style: Fall

As promised via our Instagram @everythinghomedesigns post yesterday we wanted to take a few moments to show you how one might embellish the space shared for the fall via elements of style.

We developed two different color stories for the same space. We then wanted to inspire our audience on how one might style the space for the season. We went about this space in an alternative way. We didnt source a color palette in oranges, cranberries, golds and browns often associated with falls natural beauty. Instead, we concentrated on building the space with patterns like plaids and chevron, and textures like fur and soft wovens. We focused on bringing in natural colors like moss green, saturated charcoals, and earthy blues.

Scenario #1 & #2:

Scenario #1 Left:

Scenario #2 Right:

Now that you have seen the signature pieces composing our space, see our recommendations for layering in stylish elements for the fall.

Elements of Style:

We selected elements that compliment the furnishings, their fabrics and colorways. These particular elements provide structure, they soften the space, and show one that its okay to mix finishes, textures, colors, etc. In addition, we kept in mind that we started off with a natural color palette so we incorporated elements visible in nature like green boxwoods, birch logs, and natural driftwood. Simple. Casual but sophisticated.

Now, where is the warm apple cider and a good book? I could totally sit in this dreamy space for hours with a nice warm fire watching the fall leaves change right before my eyes.

We hope you leave feeling inspired. Happy Fall Y’all!

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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