Everything Home’s Six Style Aesthetics

Aesthetics is the study of what our brain finds to be beautiful and desirable as opposed to unattractive and undesirable. The space that surrounds us evokes our senses in many ways. We are often drawn to a particular aesthetic because of the way it makes us feel. You may not even know why you are attracted to a certain style, other than you just are — thus the science of aesthetics.

Through a presentation of mood boards Everything Home designers jump start the design process by first determining what styles a client finds aesthetically-pleasing. Clients usually identify with one or more of the following six aesthetics.

White on White

A crisp and bright environment built with a monochromatic white on white color palette resonates with many of our clients. Think white opulence, cloudy, white-washed, luxurious, and spa-like. Incorporate the white on white aesthetic with white cabinetry complimented by white marble countertops. Varied tones of white paint on walls and molding are also impactful.


For those who prefer a moodier aesthetic, noir may be more appropriate. Noir includes black on white designs which are rich, deep, and oily in look. Sleek like a tuxedo or timeless like a vintage noir photo this design aesthetic is appealing to many.

Smokey Sultry

If you’re attracted to deep earthy tones like forest green, cranberry red, plum purple, and sapphire blue than smokey sultry might be your pick. Velvet, leather, brass, copper, and textured metallics all symbolize this aesthetic.

Pale Neutrals

Maybe pastels and blush neutrals are more your style. Like a farm-fresh carton of eggs — pale blues, greens, tans, and natural whites are mingled to create this design aesthetic. Pale pastel and blush neutral palettes are considered quiet and warm.


Playful oversized florals, geometrics, plaids, and prints exemplify the pattern aesthetic. Both subtle and bold print are sometimes used together. Wallpapers and printed textiles fit this aesthetic perfectly.


If you are attracted to colorful spaces, the color aesthetic might be for you. High color-block, gradient ombre, and jumbled contrasting or complimentary colors are demonstrated in this aesthetic. Once design aesthetics are established Everything Homes designers present custom concept boards to show how selected aesthetics can be used in your specific space. Moving forward final selections are determined according to your aesthetic style preferences.

Designing spaces that reflect personal style is our specialty. Contact us today to schedule an initial consult!

Happy Home, Happy Life.

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