Help! I Don’t Know My Design Style

With so many design buzzwords circulating it can be difficult to hone in on a specific style. Working with an interior designer can help you to understand your tastes and how to piece together a design that is perfectly you.
Professional Consults = Stellar Results
Everything Home assists clients in shaping their very own style story by first capturing how they live and how they want rooms to feel. This is accomplished through a design questionnaire and imagery presentation during an initial consult. Clients are encouraged to bring Houzz idea books, Pinterest boards, and other inspiration to illustrate their style preferences. From there, a team of professional designers curate custom color palettes, furnishings, decor, and more to express individualized style.
Perfecting The Palette
Sometimes you walk into a room and it wraps itself around you like a friendly hug…it just feels good, relaxes your busy mind, makes you want to stay awhile. Then there are those spaces that put you on edge, make you anxious, uneasy, and you find yourself wanting out as soon as possible. Color and pattern stimulate visual energy, carrying a lot of responsibility in a design. Everything Home utilizes a 6-palette process, inspired by Kohler, to understand a client’s color and pattern preferences. Style boards are presented to demonstrate unique color palettes, and designers utilize feedback to develop a custom color collection for each project.
Color- Bright Accent Colors
Pattern- Organic vs. Geometric Lines
Pale Neutrals- Light Beiges, Grays, and Other Neutral Foundation Colors
Smoky Sultry- Deep Grays, Dark Blues, Purples, and other Smoky Colors
Noir- Black and White Basics
White on White- White and White-like Color Pairings

Style That Speaks To You
While some clients prefer traditional designs with more ornate or detailed pieces, others have modern tastes opting for simpler clean lines. When clients like characteristics of both styles, designers work towards a transitional blended design. It is also helpful to keep a home’s unique architecture in mind when making design choices.
Everything Home designers use the following style types to guide our projects:
Style Types:
Farmhouse- Rustic, Chic, Shabby Chic
Industrial- Urban, Modern, California Desert
Art Deco- Soft Contemporary, Mid-Century
Craftsman- Bungalow, Cottage, Lake-house
Old World- Tuscan, French, Mediterranean
Stumped by style? Don’t fret! The designers at Everything Home are eager to help identify, develop, and showcase your very own design style. Contact us to set up a personalized design consultation.
Happy Home. Happy Life.

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