6 Master Bath Must-Haves

6 Master Bath Must-Haves

Planning a master bath build or remodel is exciting—a chance to design your perfect spa oasis! Plus you can relax knowing bathroom remodels top the list for the best return on investment, it really is a win-win. 

We put together a list of 6 master bath must-haves to guide you in designing the perfect master bathroom:

Proper Lighting

Soft, subtle natural light is a preferred light source in the bathroom. Consider outside views and privacy needs when planning windows. You may want to position new windows high enough to provide privacy while still letting light in. Window treatments like motorized shades or top-down shades are also great options, providing privacy without completely obstructing natural light and/or views.  Wall sconces and overhead vanity lights are nice selections for additional lighting and chandeliers are always a fun choice if you’re feeling fancy. Tape lighting under cabinet toe kicks is another unique layer of light to add in the bathroom, also serving as a night light. Add a dimmer for versatile light intensity day and night.

6 Master Bath Must-Haves

Feel Good Floors

Aim for flooring that not only looks good but feels good under your bare feet. If you are planning a tile floor consider installing radiant heat to warm up naturally cool tiles. Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile floors are also great choices for the bath—they’re waterproof, super durable, warmer than traditional ceramic tile and have less grout to maintain. 

6 Master Bath Must-Haves

Handy Vanity

If you share the master bath with another person you will want to include a double sink vanity if possible. Double vanities prevent a traffic jam when multiple people are rushing to get ready and out the door. Providing individuals with their own sink and storage space is a simple luxury.  Hard-working vanities with divided drawers, electrical plugs, and custom accessory storage are especially useful in bathroom spaces with limited space. Undermount sinks are another nice vanity feature, allowing for easy no-lip cleaning and maximum countertop surface space. Floating vanities (without legs) are another clever option, they are simple in design and also very easy to sweep around.

6 Master Bath Must-Haves

Bathing Options

If ample space is available, plan for flexible bathing options in the master bath. A combination of a large easily accessible walk-in shower and freestanding or soaker tub is preferred. Open space wet rooms with exposed shower stalls are on-trend, but they are not for everyone—you must first consider your comfort level with showering in a large space without doors. Wet rooms are often constructed with a lot of tile, so maintenance is another consideration. In lieu of storage niches, benches that start inside the shower and extend outside into the bathroom area are an option that provides both shelf and sitting space. Adding a rain shower head, personal hand shower and/or wall jets are also luxury touches to consider. 

6 Master Bath Must-Haves

Easy to Clean 

Surfaces that are easy to clean are instant favorites. Large bath tile formats or alternative tile products with less grout line to maintain lend to easy cleanup. Doorless open-entry showers are more ventilated minimizing the growth of mold and the need to clean glass doors and shower liners, but the added use of tile does come with grout that can get grimy. Countertops like granite and quartz resist staining and do not absorb makeup, toothpaste, soap, etc. Consider matte metallic plumbing fixtures that don’t show water residue and corrosion as much as bronze and black finishes. 

6 Master Bath Must-Haves

Techy Touches 

Beyond the basic must-haves comes our favorite bonus bath feature—technology! Touchless faucets for both convenience and germ-free activation ensures hand washing is easy and efficient. Digital thermostatic valves can be added to showerheads to remotely program and hub control water temperature by the user. Audio speakers integrated into shower heads (also available in ceiling exhaust ventilation fans) is another futuristic installation to consider. You can also stay warm with the addition of heated towel racks and heated floors. 

6 Master Bath Must-Haves

From new to renewed bath projects, Everything Home can help you achieve your bathroom dreams. Our seasoned design team can help you maximize your bath budget without skipping out on your most loved master bath must-haves. 

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