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Timeless vs. Trendy: Finding The Right Balance For Your Home

Have you ever yearned for that perfectly printed accent chair, and then there it is! Your eyes twinkle, you do your happy dance, and you splurge big because it boasts unparalleled style and is exactly what you have been dreaming of. Then in five years you are completely sick of looking at it, annoyed at how overdone the print has become, and before you know it you are back on the very same hunt again…and again.

Identifying the differences between temporary trends and everlasting appeal is challenging and at times even surprising. While timeless designs may feel too typical, fad designs can be fleeting.

Being confined to 100% neutral is no fun, but remodeling with every passing trend is a drag too! We’re here to guide you in blending tried and true with terrifically new to create a balanced design that is flexible and forever fashionable.

Big ticket items like cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and other hard finishes must endure trends over time. Large furniture pieces and mounted lighting also fit this category. These items are often expensive to replace, so be cautious and make classically resilient choices.

Natural materials like stone, wood, marble, glass, leather, and linen are rooted in timeless design. Nature presents staying power inside and outside the home. Neutral colors and natural textures are also perennial picks over highly stylized patterns. For example,

Clean lines and simple styles seemingly stay fresh forever. White shaker cabinetry is a testament to timelessness as opposed to cabinets with ornate molding and dating finishes. Likewise wood furniture can quickly be updated with paint, but the fundamental design of an object is not so easily altered.

Bold color palettes and playful patterns are indeed intriguing. If you are pining for a patterned tile feature, consider it for a smaller statement like in a powder room which is easier to update should your tastes change.

Save trendy touches for transient pieces like wallcoverings, lamps, accent chairs, throws, pillows, and other accessory pieces which can easily and economically be switched out over time. Design trends usually last 3-7 years so unless your budget allows for frequent updates, layer in current picks carefully while being considerate of their costs.

A room assembled over time with a collection of classic style pieces from vintage to modern can feel grounded and graceful. Eclectic designs are elusive and not easily pinpointed to a time period.

Curated spaces like this often showcase the things we love most and are reflective of our lifestyle. A mix of ageless heirlooms anchored to a classic design foundation continues to be current.

Ultimately the best design for you is one that makes you feel good! Together we can shape your style story. Contact us to learn more about our custom interior design services.

Happy Home. Happy Life.

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