Tips for Making a Home Stylish, But Livable

Practicality is increasingly important to today’s homeowners. Why have rooms with furniture that you can’t sit on, or dining situations that can’t handle life’s spills? Your home can be comfy without sacrificing style.
These topics come to mind in designing spaces that are functional, and still fabulous:
Performance Fabrics
When we present the idea of a white or pale neutral furniture fabric our clients are sometimes apprehensive, thinking about the inevitable—dirt and spills. But performance fabrics are making white couches a family-friendly option. We love to prove the durability of advanced tech fabrics with a highlighter test. Clients are amazed to see neon scribbles disappear with a simple soapy water solution. Some performance fabrics don’t allow liquids to penetrate as their modern technologies allow for easy clean up and quick drying. Sunbrella and Crypton fabric are some of our favorite indoor/outdoor choices. Sunbrella offers UV protection for special uses like window nook and patio seating. If leather is preferred, Wesley Hall recently debuted a through and through leather option which does not show scratches like traditional leather.