Tips for Making a Home Stylish, But Livable

Practicality is increasingly important to today’s homeowners. Why have rooms with furniture that you can’t sit on, or dining situations that can’t handle life’s spills? Your home can be comfy without sacrificing style.

These topics come to mind in designing spaces that are functional, and still fabulous:

Performance Fabrics

When we present the idea of a white or pale neutral furniture fabric our clients are sometimes apprehensive, thinking about the inevitable—dirt and spills. But performance fabrics are making white couches a family-friendly option. We love to prove the durability of advanced tech fabrics with a highlighter test. Clients are amazed to see neon scribbles disappear with a simple soapy water solution. Some performance fabrics don’t allow liquids to penetrate as their modern technologies allow for easy clean up and quick drying. Sunbrella and Crypton fabric are some of our favorite indoor/outdoor choices. Sunbrella offers UV protection for special uses like window nook and patio seating. If leather is preferred, Wesley Hall recently debuted a through and through leather option which does not show scratches like traditional leather.

Smart Storage

You don’t have to part with all your extras to stay stylish, you just have to get smart with storage. Coffee tables are holding more than a couple of coasters these days, with hinged tops concealing larger items beneath. Ottomans with removable tray-tops are also popular picks for keeping throws, pillows, photo albums, children’s toys, and more out of sight. Secret rooms are becoming more common on floor plans to hide clutter while keeping things close. Built-in wall cabinetry around entertainment centers and fireplaces can house a substantial amount of books, photo frames, art, collectibles, and other treasures if you are running low on space.

Safe But Stylish

For clients with a growing family, child-safety is an important consideration. Being safe doesn’t have to disrupt a home’s style. Safety gates are being integrated into staircases, with mechanics similar to a pocket door. Seamless in design, yet very safe. A well-planned fireplace design can save a visit to the emergency room with little ones. A flush hearth can prevent bumps and bruises on young walkers without adding a bulky foam bumper to buffer falls. Alternatively, plan fireplaces with raised hearths on an external wall keeping the higher activity center of the room risk-free. Ask about integrated safety features when shopping for cabinets to avoid clunky add-on cabinet locks. Streamline security and consider adding a whole home security system that alerts when windows or doors are opened versus inpidual attachments.

Go Wireless

Advances in home technology have made unsightly wires and weighty power strips disappear. Low-profile systems with wireless integration makes tripping on cables a thing of the past. Avoid ugly lamp cords and unnecessary wall switches with motion detection room lighting. Plan accessible electric outlets, like on the end of kitchen islands for table top appliances or in the floor near your favorite reading chair for a book lamp. These are some of the many ways you can avoid unattractive cords interfering with a room’s design flow.

Livable style is a trademark of our Everything Home designs, Contact us to learn more about our unique services.

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